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Est. 2008 NY, NY
Cheap is a state of mind. Cheap is a way of life. Cheap is smart. Cheap is IN.

Queen Cheap is your number one source for

    • Discriminating deals & freebies (No junk here. Ever.)
    • Fitness tips
    • Beauty secrets
    • Lifestyle trends
    • Fashion inspiration
    • All around happiness and unicorns

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The Queen Cheap Motto:

1. Only buy the best quality brands.
2. Never pay retail, unless it’s an emergency.
3. Always choose healthy.
4. Cheap is always IN.

I am a dedicated cheapist and healthy living enthusiast. I’ve taught yoga for over 10 years and will try any fitness craze at least once. My childhood was filled with memories of early 80’s health food stores, ballet and the worldwide kid’s fitness phenomenon Get In Shape Girl. My motto “cheap is always in” has guided my “lifestyle of the healthy, cheap and fabulous” across the globe. From Middle Eastern desert dance parties, Dead Sea Spas, Balinese volcano climbing, to life in NYC, Queen Cheap has done it cheap.

Me (post ballet) + Grandpa (inspiring former Red Sox player)

Me (post ballet) + Grandpa (inspiring former Red Sox player)

I’m passionate about brands I love and getting the best deals possible. NYC is my home, and NYC street style is a constant inspiration for my personal style.

Other things about me:

    • Bali is my heaven on Earth.
    • Coverup, mascara, and lip gloss are all the makeup I need.
    • Pilates is my best friend.
    • Paddleboard headstands on water can change your life
    • Good shoes can save your life.
    • I’m obsessed with pop culture GIFs and will use them by any means necessary.

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I’ve developed some techniques and secrets along the years that have saved me tons of money…and I am so happy to share these tips with my loyal readers. Happy Savings!

This blog contains affiliate links, which means I receive a (very) small compensation if you make a purchase using those links. If you’re OK with that, then I’m OK with that and by all means read on!

Brands and readers who would like to take this relationship one step further can contact me here.