Fabletics By Kate Hudson = The Cheapest and Best Yoga Pants

Hey Cheap Lululemon lovers….We have a new contender for the best yoga pants. Check out Fabletics by Kate Hudson! I think the days of $100 well made yoga pants are behind us ladies! Lululemon needs to get a clue and start offering better price points on their pants like Fabletics is doing.

Kate Hudson gives Chip Wilson a run for his money in her inspiring video below where she talks about wanting to create athletic wear for all women (sizes go up to XXL 20)

Fabletics: The Newest Contender For The Best Yoga Pants

When you sign up for Fabletica, they give you a special first time 50% off your entire order + free shipping. They give you 24 hours from signing up for this special price.
Screen Shot 2014-06-24 at 11.26.51 AM

PLUS they give you a special offer on entire outfits. 3-4 pieces for only $24.95!!!

Yes, that’s right you can get a pair of pants, a top, and a bra ALL for only $24.95!!!!!
Here are my top CHEAP outfit picks
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Screen Shot 2014-06-24 at 11.38.13 AM

Fabletics 3 Piece Outfit Only $24.95!!!

Fabletics 3 Piece Outfit Only $24.95!!!