How To Find A Quality Cheap Pilates Reformer (Top Brands)

Fabulous living does not stop at 20…and as we fabulous 30, 40, 50, (well you get the idea) year old ladies age, we’re always looking for that fountain of youth and how to keep our bodies perfect.  I’ve been a dancer my whole life, practiced and taught yoga for over 17 years, and I am a huge fanatic when it comes to body transformation.  My Queen Cheap secret to preserving you perfect body without plastic surgery is… THE PILATES REFORMER!!!!!  It has reshaped my body to banging status, cured my migraine headaches, and fixed my upper back pain.

Gasp, you might say. Pilates classes are costly how can the Queen of Cheap actually recommend something so expensive.  Well, I will tell you my secrets to doing Pilates for cheap.  I will also review options of various pilates reformers for cheap.

“In 10 sessions you will feel the difference, in 20 sessions you will see the difference, and in 30 you will have a new body.” Joe Pilates



How to have a banging body with pilates for cheap:

I. Go to a pilates studio.  Understand you need to first work with a professional.  You will not get the results or body/mind awareness without this key step. So budget for this, it’s not forever…just budget how long you can realistically afford this.  Hopefully you have a studio nearby that offers pilates reformer classes for cheap. The more you buy, the cheaper they get.  Generally speaking in most big cities, if you commit to 10-20 classes/mo you’re looking at only $15-$20 per class.   Keep in mind you need 10 classes/month to get the results I”m talking about.

II.  Begin to buy some home equipment.  After 2-3 months of working with your pilates trainer, you’ll have great body knowledge and are ready for some home equipment.  It is my recommendation to continue working with your trainer at least once-twice a week, and to now supplement your other workouts at home.  Read below for my at home pilates work out options and further recommendations for cheap pilates reformers and equipment.

Cheap Pilates Reformers and Reformer Alternatives:

1. If you cannot afford a pilates reformer just yet, my cheapest recommendation for a pilates reformer alternative is the Tower On The Go by Balanced Body.  The price point on Amazon is $145+$12 shipping.  You can do almost everything you can do on a reformer on this puppy. I have even figured out how to do short spine!  My favorite move on this Tower on the Go are jumps and running!  It’s super fun! While the springs pull you back your abs are really working!  There are several free Pilates Springboard videos on youtube to give you some more workout ideas on the Tower on The Go. Here’s a You Tube cardio favorite of mine.

2.  So you have $1,000-2,000 saved up and are ready to take the pilates reformer plunge.  I recommend buying top quality, it will last forever, and you can generally resell it for a little less than what you paid for it.  Only buy the big names: Stott, Balanced Body, Gratz, or Peak.  Stott is the easiest to find good deals on.

Costco has periodic sales on Stott reformers. The last coupon was May 2013 ($700 off) and prior to that January 2013 ($500 off). They may put them up on sale in the next 6 months…


3.  Scour Craigslist within 200 miles of your home, Ebay, and the pilates guy for a used pilates reformer. I highly recommend setting up list alerts here for Craigslist cheap pilates reformers.  Remember, stick with the big names. Don’t buy into the Aeropilates Home Shopping Network hype.  It’s all hype and not quality.

4. Once you have your new machine, you’re going to want a trainer, and well trainers are not cheap.  So here is what you do: subscribe to Pilates Anytime.  This is a great website with hundreds of pilates reformer classes. They have a free 15 day trial and after that it’s only $18/mo (and they don’t pay me to say this, I just love using their platform). So it’s almost like free pilates classes (I mean $18 is pennies in comparison to a normal $40-$60 drop in pilates NYC class!!)

Keep this up for a lifetime, and you will have great posture, toned muscles and a bangin bod!  Pilates really is the ultimate plastic surgery alternative.




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