Cheap Queen Mattress Direct From The Queen of Cheap

I have probably the greatest knockoff fake tempurpedic inspired mattress in the world.
I tested this mattress at a friend’s before buying it. She had two, and it was divine. Definitely the best sleep I ever had. Now, I have friends and family always asking, where did you get that mattress? Give me the website! I do not make a commission on these mattresses, they are just amazing and I want to share the love.

I bought my mattress at Lasting Impressions Memory Foam. I have the 10 inch memory foam mattress and they are just great, I imagine the 12 inch memory foam are like clouds in heaven. Lasting Impressions prices have gone up $139 in the last 2 years since I bought mine, but it is still affordable. I guess I got quite the deal, but after all I am Queen Cheap, and I need a cheap queen mattress.

King mattresses range from $519-599
Queen mattresses range from $449-559
Full mattresses range from $429-489
Twin mattresses range from $339-429
You can view them here at Lasting Impressions Foam Matresses

I compared these to Ikea memory foam prices, and for the thickness 8-12 inches, Lasting Impressions is still the cheapest. HOWEVER, I do own the Ikea 6 inch SULTAN FIDJETUN for $199 (much cheaper than Lasting Impressions bottom line mattress) and my guests love the SULTAN FIDJETUN.

Sleeping on a memory foam mattress promotes a healthy sleep and is therefore a necessary addition to any beauty queen’s sleep routine.