The Latest and Greatest: Cheapest Cell Phone Plans

After years of paying too much for my unlimited cell phone, I am happy to announce the latest and greatest contender of the cheapest cell phone plans: Republic Wireless.
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Details On The Latest and Greatest of the Cheapest Cell Phone Plans:

Republic Wireless

Republic Wireless is a smart innovator in the seemingly dreary world of cell phone plans. They harness the power of WIFI to deliver you a plan that is flexible and cheap…and did I mention the reception is great?
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Republic Cheap Unlimited Wireless Plans

So how cheap is cheap? Well let’s look at Republic Wireless cheap unlimited cell phone plans. Their cheap unlimited date plan with 3G is only $25/mo. This is the plan I have and it’s great, fantastic. I use it all the time and can’t imagine why I would ever need the more expensive 4G plan which is $40/mo.
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The best thing about Republic Wireless, is that their plans are all no contract cell phones…you can cancel at anytime.

Which Republic Wireless Phone Should I Buy?

When Republic Wireless started out in beta, the phones were only ok…but now they have Moto X and Moto G!
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My husband and I use the Moto X and it is hands down just as good as the Iphone, and the screen is a little bigger. I transitioned very easily from being a 6 year Iphone user to a Moto X lover. I would have bought the Moto G thanks to it’s super low price of $149, but it was not out when I became a customer.

Hurry now, because from June 4-June 5 Republic Wireless is offering $100 off their 32G Moto X in any color you like!
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Here’s what some other happy customers had to say on Republic Wireless Facebook page:

“My Republic service on the $40 plan with Moto X is excellent. The handoff between cell and WiFi is seamless and the voice quality on WiFi has much better fidelity than cell at low signal strengths.”

“A $25 cell phone bill with unlimited everything; best phone I’ve ever had, Moto X. You are a blessing Republic Wireless.”

I dream of a day where cell phone price gouging of certain phone carriers, ahem AT&T, subsides and all unpllimited cell phone plans are cheap. I refuse to pay more than $25/month for unlimited everything on a smart phone. Thank you Republic Wireless for making that dream come true.

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