Where To Buy Lululemon For Cheap: Inside Secret Lululemon Facebook Groups

Update 11/17/16: Check out Lululemon Black Friday 2016

Over the years I have written several articles with affiliate links on where to buy Lululemon for cheap. Lululemon is a staple in my wardrobe. The amount of exercise, yoga, and pilates I do requires me to clothe myself in sexy, comfy workout clothes everyday. Once you wear Lululemon you will seriously become addicted to the material, the design, the everything.

Recently I have found some great resources for getting used and new Lululemon for cheap other than Ebay (my #1 source for finding cheap Lululemon!). There are several Facebook groups out there that are devoted to providing a platform for selling and buying used and new Lululemon for cheap.

That’s right, you can now find cheap Lululemon on Facebook (and Betty White!)

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Here is a list of Lululemon Facebook Groups I’ve compiled. THIS LIST IS UPDATED MONTHLY, so keep checking back for new groups!


Facebook Groups For Cheap Lululemon!

Here’s a list of groups I have found. I will continue to add more as I find more – please post your leads in the comments section!

Unicorn Bidding Field

LOVE the name and this group! This is an awesome deals group. All prices start at $20 or under! The also have dolla dolla days!!I HIGHLY recommend this group.

Lululemon Rogue Battle Den

A very nice reader shared this new group with me, I’m going to join and report back on its level of awesomeness (from what I hear it’s great).

Lululemon Trading Post

Name says it all, a great forum to trade your Lulu clothes!

Lulu Bones

This is a group where you can buy VERY used Lulu items…in “bones” state, LOL!

Lululemon Ebayers

This group is devoted to finding you the best deals on Ebay.

The Real Housewives of Lululemon

Buy, sell and trade Lululemon. And the name. It cracks me up every time.

Lululemon Counteroffer

They provide a way for finding that common ground between Buyers ad Sellers!

Lululemon Swap & Shop

A Place On Facebook to Buy, Sell & Trade your New or Used Lululemon Brand Items!

Lululemon Exchange

A place to sell your used or new Lululemon.

Lululemon Buy, Sell, Trade Size 8-12

A group for lululemon lovers to post their sized 8-12 items for sale.

Lulu 911

Buyers offer what they are willing to pay, sellers choose if they would like to accept the offer.

Lululemon Amuurica

Buy/Sell group for lulu fanatics in the good ol’USA. You must be shipping to and from the US and transact in US dollar.

Lululemon Bidding Battles

A Lululemon clothing sales group set up for the auctioning of new and used Lululemon items.

Things To Know Before You Join

All of the groups are private, so you will need to request to join. So far I’ve joined them all, and I am loving it! Make sure to read all of the rules when you do join. It’s a community so you’ll want to be a positive part of the community.

Please comment below if you know of anymore great groups that should be on this list!

Happy Lululemon Shopping! And don’t forget to scour eBay for those HTF Lululemon deals!

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