Spanx For Cheap!

There are some good deals online and offline for spanx that I wanted to share with you. Most of you reading know what spanx is, but for those who do not know….Spanx is the world’s greatest invention of slimming intimates aka body shapers. They are extremely comfortable, and sometimes a necessity on those windy day (as seen when spanx saved Kloe Kardashian’s day when the wind blew her dress up in front of the paparazzi). Shortly she tweeted that spanx under a dress are a must!

Screen Shot 2013-05-30 at 9.25.29 AM

Here are 2 ways to get Spanx for cheap both online and offline.

1. Spanx for Cheap Online:

Check out those flash sales!! Spanx regularly makes an appearance on Gilt and Zulily (both flash sale sites I highly recommend). In fact, there’s a deal right now on Spanx on Zulily!

Zulily has Spanx for cheap starting today! The deal is on until Sunday June 2. There are some seriously cheap deals on Spanx. They have some adorable Spanx bathing suits for cheap nearly 50-75% off! I also love their footless tights which are perfect leggings all year round. My favorite is the bordeaux tights for only $13!! An adorable fall color you can save in your closet when the temperatures start dropping!

2. Spanx for Cheap Offline

Nordstrom Rack is my absolute favorite spot for cheap spanks. Right now they have a large inventory of spanx (they just sent out an insider email with this intel). But honestly, everytime I shop at Nordstrom Rack I find plenty of spankz tights, spanks footless tights, spanks underwear, and spanks tank tops.

Off Sax and Neiman’s Last Call sometimes have spanx as well, but there stock is never as good as Nordstrom Rack. There are Nordstrom Racks all over the country, find the closest Nordstrom Rack here.