Activated Charcoal Juice. Tried It. Minimally Skeptical.

I tried activated charcoal juice recently. Lately it seems grey is the new green these days when it comes to fads in health drinks. Please consult with your doctor before deciding to ingest activated charcoal.

Activated charcoal has been used for centuries to remove poison and toxin from human bodies, it’s also kept housed in ERs for patients who OD to help remove the poison. The concern some doctors have is the lack of research and that it *might take out things you need. After consulting my doctor at Weill Cornell and watching various internet videos, I can happily report it’s all a fad. A grey fad. I’m probably not going to be subscribing to. The drink did taste good…see below

Juice Generation Activated Charcoal Protein Drink

I tried Juice Generations super yummy Activate Protein Drink which consists of raw almonds, raw hemp seeds, dates, vanilla bean, alkaline water and of course, activated charcoal.