Amazon Prime Now Review: Amazon Same Day Delivery Hoorah!

This Amazon Prime Now Review is based on the new 1-2 hour Amazon Same Day Delivery available in Manhattan and Brooklyn, coming soon to other parts of the U.S. I have been wishing for Amazon Prime same day delivery for a while. Check out my experience from start to finish with my very first ever Amazon Prime Now delivery.

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Amazon Prime Now Review

1. Sign Up For Amazon Prime

This part is easy. First you need to sign up for Amazon Prime. It’s $99/year or $49/year if you’re a student. The $99/year can be shared by a family.

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Download Amazon Prime Now App

Once I joined Amazon Prime, I downloaded the Amazon Prime Now App available in the App Store for Androids or Iphones. The download time was really fast. Next, I had to sign in with my Amazon ID; this part was also really easy and really fast.


So far so good. I must say I was impressed with how well Amazon Prime Now knew me…Healthy Living was my first choice on the menu. I have been wanting to buy a new medicine ball (haven’t searched online for it, only thought about it) and it popped up as my first choice to order on Healthy Living.


Then below it was a recipe for Green Smoothies. Lately, I have been addicted to green smoothies. Again, this is only something one would know in my real life as I have yet to blog or search about it. That’s how well Amazon Prime knows it’s customers. Bravo.


The Amazon Prime Now App store is an abbreviated store, so to say. You’re probably not going to find paper mustache straws…



…but there are tons of things available that you sometimes need in a pinch. Such as a bottle of Pellegrino and some paper towels. The checkout was also really easy since it’s already linked to your Prime account. I simply chose which credit card to use and which address for delivery.

**Tip: There is a default $5 tip button at the top of the checkout screen/ You can change the tip to any amount, but if you don’t change it they auto tip $5.

Then I had to choose a delivery time window. They give you several choices, which is really great.If you are in Manhattan you can choose 1 hour delivery; Brooklyn is 2 hour delivery. They give you several choices for different time windows in case you want to schedule it for later in the day.

Drop Off


The delivery guy was on time. He was very nice. Delivered the goods in an Enterprise rent a truck. My perishables were packaged in a brown paper Amazon Prime Now sack. Paper towels etc came as is. I was happy to NOT get everything in the usual large boxes from Amazon when delivered via UPS. Nice way to cut down on waste, Amazon.

5 Stars

All in all it was an easy customer experience. I will definitely be using it in the future for home staple items and things I need in a pinch. I will honestly probably use it every week. This is how life should be. Thanks Amazon!