Super Cheap Audio Books With These Audible Coupon Codes

I wanted to share these insanely cheap Audible coupon codes…I’m heading out on a long road trip and of course I need every hour covered by some fantastic audio books! FWIW my family has multiple accounts, and we switch around coupon codes quite frequently. Here is my latest coupon code that gets you 3 months membership for only $1.95/mo!!! This membership gets you 1 free audio book a month plus discounted books all month long. The membership bumps up to $14.95/mo after 3 months…however don’t worry there will be another Audible Coupon Code within a few months.

Super Cheap Audio Books With Audible Coupon Codes

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Use code


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And if you’re not on Audible, please download the app now and join!! Your mind will thank you later.

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If you’re looking for some Audio Book suggestions, I highly recommend the following (all are great recordings and of course amazing books):

Queen Cheap’s Audible Book Recommendations

The Great Gatsby

Oh Jake Gyllenhaal you can narrate a book for me anytime!! He does an amazing job in this audio recording. The story is timeless. Enough said.
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Girl Boss

The millenials guide to success written in a very witty and engaging format. The narration is great. You will leave this book inspired and ready to be your best #GirlBoss!
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Let’s Explore Diabetes With Owls

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The Help

18 hours of pure audio entertainment. It’s hard to find long audio books that keep your ears glued to the speakers, and The Help is one of these gems.

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Silver Linings Playbook

I can’t believe how much better the book is than the movie. It’s shocking how much they changed for the worse in the movie…and the movie was still good! Check out the audiobook you will be delighted.

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