Barleans Essential Woman Coupons

Barleans Essential Woman is hands down my number one smoothie addition for inner and outer beauty and balance! This has long been a secret formula for myself and my friends for growing our hair long and balancing our hormones…especially for PMS!
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Barleans Essential Woman Coupons

The Barleans facebook page is full of Barleans coupons. Here’s a tip…even if the coupon is not for the actual “essential woman oil,” I have always successfully used a manufacturers coupon for any product made by said manufacturer…in fact I usually give a few different ones sometimes saving up to $9 on one product for at most health and grocery stores. As long as your buying alot of stuff the cashier and the register don’t seem to notice.

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Barleans Essential Woman: Beauty and Balance From Within

According to the Barleans website:

Outward beauty is a reflection of inner health. Radiant glowing skin, lustrous hair and strong nails are a sign of vibrant inner health. Feminizing hormones, delicately balanced, provide freedom from monthly or midlife female discomforts and beauty in full bloom.

The Essential Woman is derived from seeds of botanical flowers such as evening primrose and flax, as well as special plant phytonutirents, all recognized for their beautifying and balancing qualities.

The Essential Woman is the first product of it’s kind to combine a full compliment of therapeutically beneficial nutrients targeted for the special and changing needs of a woman.

Essential Woman Ingredients

Organic Unrefined Flaxseed Oil: The world’s richest source of essential fatty acids, including alpha linoleic acid (Omega-3) and linolenic acid (Omega-6)
Organic Evening Primrose Oil: Contains a specialized nutrient, gamma linolenic acid (GLA) which has been shown in scientific studies to support hormonal health and address the symptoms of PMS and menopause*
Lignans: A highly studied and researched class of phytonutrient found in flaxseed studied by the National Cancer Institute and shown to possess impressive preventative properties – in addition to supporting hormone and breast health*
Soy isoflavones: Plant phytoestrogens which studies reveal can help address the annoying symptoms of menopause and PMS as well as support bone, heart and breast health*


I put a tablespoon in my daily green smoothie. It’s a great way to start the day. When I take it on a daily basis, I definitely see results.

Suggested Use According to Barleans: One tablespoon daily as an addition to a healthy diet. May be taken straight, mixed with yogurt or cottage cheese, in oatmeal or as an ingredient in salad dressings, protein drinks or blended beverages.

Ingredients: Organic flaxseed oil, evening primrose oil, flaxseed particulate, isoflavones and saponins mechanically extracted from organic soy. Free of Genetically Modified Organisms