Your Guide To The Best Food Dehydrator

I put together this guide for THE best food dehydrator in an effort to help you save money on snacks and also to adopt some raw food healthy living techniques. There are tons of food dehydrators on the market, and some are really not worth the money. Today I’ll explain why dehydrated food can be a great healthy addition to your diet and also give you my food dehydrator reviews. Let’s get dehydrated!
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Benefits of Dehydrated Food

1. No preservatives!

These days it’s hard to find snacks with no preservatives…As you may have read in my Anti-Inflammatory Diet Article, preservatives cause inflammation in the body and should be avoided!

2. Easy To Store

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Dehydrated food is super easy to store. I like to store my dehydrated snacks in mason jars. These snacks could be a great addition to your emergency pantry (ahem, which I don’t have thanks to my tiny NYC apartment ;-).

3. Saves You Money

Dehydrating your food can save you money in so many different ways!
You can:

  • buy seasonal food on sale or in bulk and preserve for later
  • save foods that would otherwise spoil
  • replace store-bought snacks or candy with your own healthier creations
  • dry your own herbs
  • make your own Raw food snacks which usually cost much more than regular snacks
  • 4. 115 Degree Raw Food Threshold

    The raw food magic temperature is 115° F, which is the threshold temperature where enzymes and nutrients are maintained. You can make raw crackers, breads, granolas, and cookies (these products are insanely marked up in stores, yet SO EASY to make at home!). You can also use a dehydrator to make Raw sauces and soups at low temperatures. The sky is the limit really as long as you’re creative.

    Raw Flaxseed Crackers Ingredients: Water, Flaxseeds, Herbs or Sundried Tomatoes

    Raw Flaxseed Crackers Ingredients: Water, Flaxseeds, Herbs or Sundried Tomatoes

    Raw Flaxseed Cracker Sandwich!

    Raw Flaxseed Cracker Sandwich!

    The list of benefits could really go on and on. Now let’s take a look at which food dehydrator is going to be your best economical option.

    The Best Food Dehydrator Reviews

    1. Presto 06301 Dehydro Electric Food Dehydrator

    I own the Presto and I love it. It’s only $65 on Amazon, so the price alone sells it! I have used mine for years. The temperature setting is easy to use, and my food always turns out delicious. It has great reviews on Amazon, and I highly recommend this product.

    2. Nesco Snackmaster Pro Food Dehydrator FD-75A

    The Nesco Scackmaster is a #1 seller on Amazon and has really great reviews. I personally have not tried this particular unit, but based on the reviews I think it’s definitely worth the reasonable price of only $69.99.

    Model Includes:
    5 Drying Trays
    2 Clean-A-Screens
    2 Fruit Roll Sheets
    3 Original Jerky Spice Packets
    52-page Recipe and Instruction Book

    3. Excalibur 2400 Food Dehydrator

    The entry model Excalibur Food Dehydrator will run you around $100 on Amazon. However, it is met with some mixed reviews. Most people claim the temperature control does not work on this unit and therefore renders it pretty useless and frustrating. In short, I would not buy this dehydrator when there are many others on the market that do the job well (as listed above).

    Plastic Dehydrators and BPA

    Regarding the use of plastic in food dehydrators and BPA concerns, Excalibur explains:

    BPA in plastics that have BPA’s do not outgas at the temperatures used in a dehydrator. In fact, it takes hundreds of degrees to get any plastic to outgas BPA. Even the leader in the field, Excalibur, doesn’t use BPA-Free plastics because they chose the best plastic for strength and durability first rather than settling only on those that catered to customers concerned about BPA-free products. Excalibur uses two plastics in their designs, including polypropylene, considered the safest plastic around food, and polycarbonate for the case because it is virtually indestructible. FDA-approved polycarbonate is considered completely safe when used at the low temperatures inside a dehydrator.