Blueprint Cleanse Discount Huge Sale!

You can now get a Blueprint Cleanse discount over on GiltCity. That’s right, our friends on Gilt are once again giving us a seriously cheap deal on blueprint juice cleanses! This deal is from now until July 25, 2015…that is the longest Blueprint juice cleanse sale I’ve ever reported on.Check out the details below. Direct link to the sale HERE.

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Blueprint Cleanse Discount

1. Design Your Dozen $99

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This cheap package gets you 12 juices in total and is like a sampler of all the juices. It’s a great way to get to know the flavors. Sampler pack includes two Green, two Spicy Lemonade, two Beet Apple Carrot, two Lime Ginger, two Pineapple Apple Mint and two Cashew Vanilla

2. Three Day Cleanse $149

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This cleanse gives you 6 juices per day, so a total of 18 juices in all. The 3 day cleanse is a great way to jump start a new healthy routine.

3. Six Day Cleanse $299

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6 juices per day, 36 total juices in all. This cleanse is highly recommended for a weight loss kick starter!

4. Twelve Day Cleanse $585

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This is a cleanse for the advanced juice cleanser. It’s a long cleanse, and not recommended for first time juicers. You could also split this one with a friend and do a 6 day cleanse together.

As always, please consult with a doctor regarding changes to your diet and fitness activity. This article does contain affiliate links.