BluePrint Juice Cleanse Deals

HUGE SALE ALERT 9/12/15 until undisclosed: BluePrint Juice Cleanse Deals on sale DETAILS HERE.
Pro Tip: Search for Gilt coupons in your email box, they send them out often.

Blueprint is also currently on sale at Whole Foods (scroll down for price info).

The BluePrint juice cleanse is a great way to kick start a healthy living lifestyle. However, BluePrint does tend to break the bank if you buy it at full price. How much is the blueprint juice cleanse? The regular pricing on the cleanse is as follows:
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Cost Of Full Price Blueprint Juice Cleanse

1 Day $65
2 Days $130
3 Days $165
4 Days $260
5 Days $325
6 Days $390

Most reviewers across the board (myself included) agree that it’s a hefty price for something you can do on your own with a juicer and some vegetables. My way of doing the BluePrint juice cleanse is a little bit different and definitely more cost effective than ordering directly from their website.

How To Do The BluePrint Juice Cleanse For Cheap

1. Wait For A BluePrint Juice Sale

BluePrint Cleanse Gilt Sale

Gilt City hands down has the best “flash sale” prices for Blue Print Juice Cleanse deals.

QUEEN CHEAP TIP: Gilt City features new juice cleanses every month. You can check HERE for their current juice cleanse deals.

BluePrint Juice Cleanse Sale Whole Foods

The BluePrint juice cleanse is generally always on sale at Whole Foods. So just plan to do your cleanse the next time Whole Foods has it on sale.

ALERT: Blueprint juice is on sale now at Whole Foods! Basically what I have noticed is that Blue Print is on sale every month at Whole Foods, they just change up which flavors are on sale. Sometimes the sale is a little better one month than the other. Fact remains, Whole Foods regularly has the best deals on The Blue Print Juice cleanse.
So, stock up!

BluePrint Juice Sale At Whole Foods Prices List:

Lemon Cayenne Agave $3.99
Lime Ginger Lemon Agave $4.99
Apple Lemon Cayenne Agave $4.99
Green Juice: $6.99
Beet Apple Carrot Lemon Ginger: $6.99
Cashew Vanilla Cinnamon : $8.99
Coffee Cashew Cinnamon: $8.99

2. Do Your Own Whole Food Cleanse & Supplement With BluePrint Juices

So I find the Blueprint juices way too sweet to drink them only for the entire duration of a cleanse. Therefore, I will do one of two “whole food” cleanses with the juices. I will either:

A. Do my own juice cleanse and use the Blueprint juices for to go juices and/or a “special juice” during the day. They make a great pick me upper, and the flavors are all yummy. So once i get bored of my own juicing skills, I turn to the plentiful flavors of Blueprint.

B. Do a raw cleanse and eat only clean raw foods while using Blueprint juice as a meal replacer during the day.

So, stock up now at Whole Foods while you can and kick start your fall with a whole food cleanse. Happy healthy living!

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