Bathitation Part 1: How To Make A Cheap At Home Spa

Take it from Cleopatra who knew the secret to beauty and happiness was through holistic cheap at home spa treatments.

How To Create The Ultimate At Home Spa For Cheap

I. Make an inspiration board

Create a spa inspiration board like an interior decorator would. This can be done on Pinterest or on poster board. Find photos of spas that inspire serenity, calm, and happiness. Notice what colors you are drawn to. Obviously you will not recreate the exact million dollar spa in your home, however you will pick up on subtle things in the photos that you can incorporate into your home spa: perhaps a certain plant or color.

II. Focus on the lighting

Invest in candles. One day I was too lazy to light the candles in my home spa, and the fluorescent lighting made the entire experience blah – it was like I was just bathing to get clean…it was not that “ahhhh” experience. You can choose scents you are drawn, unscented candles, or even candles of the colors you were drawn to in your inspiration board.

My favorite cheap candles are the Cladrea Citron Ginger Soy Candles from Target.
They have other flavors too. They are so reasonably priced and soy=clean burning.

My most favorite candles for longevity, smell, and ambiance are Archipelego Candles (Hydrangea is my fav). I know, I know, these are generally quite expensive at $30 full retail, however here are some places you can get Archipelego Candles for cheap:

  • Gilt:In the past they have had these candles for $7-$14. You can sign up for alerts on Gilt for your Archipelego by clicking HERE and then clicking on the yellow “remind me” button at the bottom.
  • Off Saks Fifth Avenue: I have found killer deals here both online and in the stores (Especially on Black Friday!!!!!). Black Friday at Saks Fifth Avenue I found Archipelego candles for $13. They made great Christmas gifts and home spa candles.

III. Focus on the music

This is really up to your creativity…what music relaxes you, makes you feel peaceful, makes you feel happy? I am a Spotify addict (for those of you new to Spotify all the music is free and you can create playlists, follow friends, etc). Again, this is really up to you if you want to use your cd player, Ipod, whatever…just have some great music to create the right spa ambiance (no Kenny G please). Personally, the music aspect helps drown out the other noises going around my house (like my cute kid and darling husband).

Tips For An Amazing Bathitation

I. Set up your ambiance

Let your family know you will be having some me time and that your wish to not be disturbed. My son even made a cute “do not disturb” sign for me. Light your candles, play your music, and begin to breathe deep.

II. Dry Brushing

Always start bathitation with dry brushing. Dry brushing is the process of taking a dry bath brush and brushing your body with it. It is amazing for silky soft skin, improving your circulatory system, getting rid of cellulite, and promoting weight loss. The Kingsley Natural Bristle Body Brush is the best and cheapest dry brush I found on Amazon; I like it because it is angled and the bristles are the perfect firmness.

You always always always brush towards the heart with short medium to firm strokes. Always begin at the ankles. For more detailed info on Dry Brushing, here is a great article from Birchbox Dry Brushing 101.

IV. Take a shower first

Yes, this may sound crazy, but in order to take your bath to actual Bathitation level, I advise that you get into the bath already clean. Trust me on this one. I prefer a cold shower first as it’s better for your skin and circulatory system, but if you want to make it a hot shower that is totally fine too. Do whatever feels good for you! It’s a wonderful feeling showering with the music and the candles as you prepare yourself for Bathitaion.

V. Step into the bath mindfully

Step into the bath mindfully with deep slow breaths and positive thoughts while focusing on the music and the candlelight. Once you are seated in the bath, you can work on any meditation you like. I often like simple meditations such as breathing in light breathing out dark; breathing in positive breathing out negative; or choosing a color and breathing in that color breathing out that color.

You can also find free meditations to listen to while in Bathitation on Spotify.

VI. Just Be

Stay with the ambiance, the peaceful setting, and the warm cleansing feeling of the water. Try to stay as long as you can.

V. Darkness

When you are ready to get out, blow all the candles except for one. Dry yourself off, and then blow out the last candle. Notice how you feel, thank your body for all of its hard work everyday and repeat a positive mantra to yourself such as “I am beautiful…or I am strong…etc…”

When you are ready, slowly turn the lights back on and return to your day.

Now I know you are all wondering

What about cheap organic bath products?

The right products are going to leave you feeling like a queen and smelling amazing for the rest of the day/night. My next article will detail all of my favorite CHEAP spa products for the home. Stay tuned tomorrow!


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