Cheap Haircuts NYC: The Best (Cheap) Places To Get Your Celeb Hair

I am always on the hunt for the best cheap haircuts NYC. Luckily I have a little secret to get you the best and cheapest haircuts in NYC – often from CELEBRITY stylists. If you live in NYC or visit NYC, there is no reason to have bad hair: we have access to the best of the best here, the creme de la creme. So if you follow my tips, you will be on your way to scoring celeb worthy hair at unheard of CHEAP prices!
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Cheap Haircuts NYC: Queen Cheap’s Guide To Celeb Worthy Hair For Cheap!

10 years ago, my hidden secret was trekking out to Williamsburg (aka early hipsterville) for an amazing cut for cheap. Fast forward to now, Williamsburg is home to most of wall street and my hair dresser is charging as much as the top NYC salons. Obviously I had to let her go. Tough breakup, but my wallet prevailed. So who did I go to?

Gilt City Hair NYC Flash Sales

Gilt City is my go to website for saving money on life in NYC. When it comes to hair, they are infinitely better than Groupon because they cater to luxury and they take that stance seriously. You can ALWAYS count on Gilt to offer carefully curated deals that won’t disappoint. Below are tips and details on the Gilt deals and extra ways to save on Gilt.

Gilt City Hair Salon Prices

You can always find at least one hair salon on Gilt with a deal. Typically you are looking at saving 50% off of what you would normally pay. These are the prices I usually see on Gilt:

  • Haircuts: $50 to $75 for senior stylists
  • Single Process Color: $50 to 65 sometimes less
  • Parital Highlights: $90 give or take
  • Bayalage: aroung $110
  • Full Highlights: $110, sometimes more sometimes less
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    Get Your 25% Gilt Coupon

    1. Here is a special 25% off coupon, just CLICK HERE. The catch is you need to set up a new account to get the discount (which is pretty easy to do with another email address).

    Once you are signed up, you can invite friends to get 25% off, and in turn you will receive more 25% off coupons.

    2. You should also sign up for Gilt’s daily emails. Yes, it can be a lot of emails, but usually about twice a month they will send out a 20-30% off coupon, and yes you can use it on Gilt City.

    Be Sure To Check Salon’s Reviews

    In my experience, 9 out of 10 salons on Gilt City have stellar reviews. I’m type A, so I like to be sure and always heavily research the new salon I’m going to try. Yelp and Google Reviews are really the best places to check. I find Google Reviews a bit less dramatic and to the point (sometime Yelp reviewers are a little over zealous in their expectations).

    Remember This Is For New Customers ONLY

    There is no loyalty in my Gilt City cheap haircuts NYC system. You will only be able to use this deal once. Only one deal per salon, so you will be breaking up treatments. I personally prefer to breakup the cut and color as it means you get 2 blowouts!

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    Know What You Want

    Since there is no loyalty, you will have to become your own hair advocate.

  • Be specific
  • Know what you like and what you don’t
  • Learn industry terms: really understand what Bayalage will look like in the end, etc
  • If you are picky, don’t make any crazy changes…stick to what you know
  • If you are adventurous, well by all means try a new Lob, go blonde, do something new!
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