Cheap Lululemon Part 4: Where To Get Authentic Lululemon For Cheap

Back by popular demand is another article on where to find cheap Lululemon. This time we’re looking at Tradesy and I also have a special coupon code below…so extra savings on your Lulu!

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If you are an avid fitness or yoga buff, you know the importance of proper workout gear. If you’re just starting out a new exercise/weight loss routine, those adorable Floral Print Secret Garden Luluelmon Run Pace Shorts might just be what gets you back on track. But, as we all know, Lululemon is not always that cheap. Let’s look at how to get those $100 yoga pants for cheap.

Cheap Lululemon Part 4:More Opportunities For Discounts on Authentic Lululemon


Let me start out with this by saying my number one reason I love Tradesy is that you can always find a coupon code for them on!!!! So whatever cheap deal you’re getting is even cheaper with a code, yeah!

You can find any designer you want on Tradesy for a nice discount. Their selection of used and new discounted cheap Lululemon really gives Ebay a run for their money!

Tradesy is like a more hip and trustworthy Ebay. The returns are hasslefree and shipping is FREE!, they have real actual customer service, and they take Fakes/Frauds seriously and do everything to help you to make sure your experience is a positive one.

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Here’s more info from their website:

Your purchase is secure
Tradesy uses PayPal and our own secure payment system to protect your information. We’ll never share your payment or personal info with anybody. Ever.

You’re protected from fakes and fraud
We guarantee the authenticity of every item you purchase on Tradesy. If you spot a designer knockoff on the site, please let us know. If you purchase an item and are concerned about it’s authenticity, we’ll take it off your hands and give you a full refund if it proves to be fake.

Hassle-free returns with free shipping
Sometimes it’s hard to tell if you’ll love an item until you try it on. We get it, and we’ve got you covered. Anything you buy on Tradesy is eligible for free return shipping and a full refund or credit (except for items in our Weddings category — see Return Policy for Tradesy Weddings for details) within 10 days of receipt. See our Return Policy for details.

Free verified & insured shipping
Every item sold on Tradesy is shipped using a pre-paid, insured Tradesy Shipping Kit (except for items in our Weddings category). So you can track your package directly from your Tradesy account and rest assured that your item will arrive safe and sound.

Real people, here to help
If you have any questions or concerns, we’re here to help, day or night. Contact us, we’d love to hear from you. Anything you buy on Tradesy is eligible for free standard ground return shipping.

I highly recommend using Tradesy to get your fabulous deals for cheap Lululemon. Thanks and happy shopping!