Cheap Lululemon Online This Week

Here’s a look at my top picks for cheap Lululemon online this week. Happy shopping!

Cheap Lululemon Online

There’s a huge haul over on Lululemon We Made Too Much this week! Check out my #1 top picks for huge markdowns on Lululemon plus an overview of the entire sale below.

As always, remember, your Lululemon will sell well on Ebay. Since Lulu sale items are non-returnable, Ebay can be useful if you want to “return” your sales product.

Top Picks From The Lululemon Sale

Lululemon Pedal Pusher Bra

This bra is right on trend with the cage top sports bras being rocked all over NYC including on NYC’s own Ilana from Broad City. Very chic athletic wear for cheap…only $39 sizes 4-12 still available!

Lululemon Speed Tight III

Full on Luxtreme is really luxurious material that lasts for a long time. I actually prefer speed tights to Wunder Unders in terms of fit and function. This color pattern is perfect for spring and summer workouts or just flitting around the city!…only $79!

Lululemon Rejuvenate Yoga Tote

This tote is super versatile thanks to it’s extra crossbody strap and fold over design!

What’s On Sale This Week Lululemon