Cheap Online Fitness, Yoga, and Pilates

Here are my go to websites for cheap online fitness, yoga, and pilates. While I usually choose outdoor exercise over the smelly gym, there are still days that I really want a trainer, someone in my face telling me what to do. That’s why I love these monthly subscription fitness websites. Most of them have free trials, and after the free trial they are extremely reasonably priced. Below you will find a review of my favorite online fitness website sources. Enjoy!

Queen Cheap’s Online Fitness, Yoga, and Pilates Review

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1. Youtube

Youtube is going to be your cheapest option. There are a plethora of trainers on youtube offering free training classes. Here are my top 5 favorites.

  • Livestrong Woman: This is my favorite youtube fitness channel for women because I love pilates and this site offers many different pilates inspired classes.
  • DietHealth: a channel for diet, fitness, health, nutrition, exercise and free workout videos. This channel is a more gentle approach to fitness.
  • Max Fitness: This is your Bootcamp headquarters on youtube. They take fitness to the max. For those days your want some heavy music and a trainer making you do ungodly things with your thighs.
  • Turbulence Training: This is a great youtube channel for short workout videos that target different areas.
  • Yoga With AdrienneThis is actually a dear friend of mine’s yoga channel out of Austin, TX. She is an amazing yoga teacher, actor, and sweet person all around. I highly recommend her channel!
  • Tara Stiles Yoga Channel: My favorite yoga channel on youtube. Tara and her teachers show students extremely useful techniques in a short amount of time. They are direct and extremely clear in their teaching.

2. FitnessGlo:

This is my new workout jam. I love their classes! They offer a ton of classes including Barre, Tabata, HIIT, Strength, Step, Balance, and more! Price: ONLY $12/mo! They will even program an 8 week workout program for you for free!

3. Flirty Girl Fitness:

This site offers live and on demand classes for only $15/mo. The classes seem to offer a wide variety and are heavy on cardio. Classes range from pole dancing to bikini bootcamp. These girls know how to get you into Flirty Girl shape!

4. My Yoga Online:

This is a pilates and yoga class website, so you get 2 options for the price of one. The cost is very very low…only $9.95/mo or 89/year (which equals only 7.41/mo!). That’s like 2 cups of coffee for unlimited yoga and pilates classes. This website has great teachers and a large database of videos, I personally just don’t think their design is as user friendly as some other sites.

5. Pilates Anytime:

This is a great site for pilates, especially if you have a reformer at home. The cost is $18/mo which pales in comparison to the 200+ per month you spend at the pilates studio.
So there you have it, some great cheap at home online fitness to try out all year long!


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