How To Save Money On Cheap School Supplies

Each year, my addiction to saving money gets worse. This year I decided to feed my habit and conquer my son’s school supply list and save some money.

Here’s a quick guide with some tips to save money on cheap school supplies.

1. Get a babysitter

A Free babysitter is better since we’re trying to save money…Leave the kids with your husband, friend, neighbor, someone responsible… and prepare to go to more than one store! That’s right, each store has different savings, and sometimes those savings are huge. My trip this year took 4 hours.

2. Check each weekly ads and online coupons.

Note, which stores will honor other store’s prices or coupons as that may save you a trip to one other store. My city is not so great about this, so I went to 5 stores this year (all within very close distance to eachother). Walgreens, Office Depot, and Staples had the best deals. Target was lagging behind. I found some great deals at Michaels and even a couple of things at Ross. Here are some helpful links to weekly ads.

  • Office Depot Weekly Ad – This is the current weekly ad to check on their super deals! Varies by location.
  • Staples Weekly Ad – Check out their deals and print up this coupon for $5 off $50 purchase
  • Walgreens Weekly Ad-They by far have the cheapest prices for binders and other school supplies. They just don’t have the biggest selection. Their 3″ binders are only $3…they were close to $9 everywhere else. Here is the link to Walgreens Coupons
  • Michaels Weekly Ad and Coupons – Print coupons or download to smartphone. I love the Michaels coupons. I used these coupons to buy canvas, paints, and sketch pads for my son’s list (he’s in Montessori so this is not on everyone’s list).
  • Target Weekly Ad– You can get some good deals at Target as long as you are following the weekly ad and bringing in coupons! Here are Target Coupons
  • I have not included Walmart on here. I just can’t bring myself to shop there…

    4. Look For Possible Returns.

    What’s that you say? Returns? That’s right, I’m sure you have some things laying around from impulse buys at Target or Michaels or etc. Scoop these items up. Target doesn’t require a receipt and many other stores don’t. All you need is your ID. I found some Target brand sonicare replacement head brushes that were defective and returned them for $39. That basically paid for my shopping trip to Target.

    3. Start your shopping!

    Once you’ve checked stores ads, clipped coupons, gathered items to return and planned your store route…you’re ready to shop for back to school supplies! Have fun!