How To Get A Classpass Coupon

Classpass Coupons sometimes pop up online. Check out my tips on how to get Classpass for cheap-er.
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Is There A ClassPass Coupon?

As I wrote in my article ClassPass Discount Fitness Pass & The Art of Saving (Fitness) Money, the best way to get a ClassPass coupon is through their “Refer a Friend” program.

ClassPass Refer A Friend Program

Once you sign up for ClassPass you can opt into their email list which I highly recommend staying on because they email you updates on new studios, giveaways, and sometimes the refer a friend promotional offers.

You can sign up for their Classpass HERE.

The refer a friend program is a great way for you to convince your friends to finally join you at that spin class you can’t stop talking about. In the past, the ClassPass Refer a Friend program has given members a credit towards their monthly ClassPass bill for every friend that signs up through the personal “refer a friend” link. That credit has ranged from $25-$50 for referring a friend. Friends also gets that same $25-$50 credit, so everyone wins.

As the member referring the friend, ClassPass in the past has placed no limit on how many “refer a friend” dollars you could rack up so, theoretically you can get quite a few months of free fitness if you get enough friends to sign up. Have a lot of Facebook and Twitter friends? Share the link for even more refer a friend ClassPass credits!

This is something ClassPass has done in the past, and it’s only available to members who are already signed up for ClassPass and the member’s friends. I’m not sure if they will offer it in the near future, but it’s certainly worth staying on the email list for just in case!

Other Classpass Promotions

They also just finished a fun holiday “hidden gifts” promotion on their website where members could potentially find hidden $20 off your next month coupons, a ClassPass Tank or a ClassPass water bottle throughout the ClassPass website.

If you’re not already a member and on their email list, you can sign up for ClassPass HERE.