How To Save The Most Money Using Classpass Credits (Beta)

The beta Classpass credits have been tried and tested by Queen Cheap, and I’m happy to announce it opens the doors for a CHEAPER approach to Classpass!
Every time I sit down to write an article about the newest Classpass business model, they change the model or pricing. I appreciate they are growing and learning in a new space, so no judgements, I just want to point out the obvious…Classpass has really changed and continues to change.

I have continued to stay a member through these changes and bumps along the way as it remains my most convenient way to stay fit. This article is not an ad, I’m not an affiliate of Classpass (Anymore. They changed that model a while ago ;-)). I just use their service because it makes my life easy, saves me money and fits my busy lifestyle with meetings all over the city.

What is the new Classpass Credit System?

According to the Classpass website, Classes will now have different credit values based on time, equipment, how often you’ve visited and more, allowing you to better tailor your membership. Booking lower credit classes means you can take more classes every month. Afternoon yoga class or gym time might be fewer credits than an evening bootcamp, allowing you to work out more often on the same budget.

Screen Shot 2017-11-05 at 4.38.35 PM

The point system is in beta right now. When you go to the main page on Classpass, it still lists their old pricing which I wasn’t a huge fan of. The cheapest plan (10 classes for $135) worked out to $13.50/class, and I was spending extra money each month to book more classes. It did help me get into my favorite workout for $7 cheaper. Otherwise it was a meh experience. The credit system, however has seriously changed the game and finally opens up doors to really save money on fitness as in the old days of Classpass when unlimited classes were only $99/mo.

Which Classpass Credit System Is Cheapest?

I recommend going with the larger plan 90 credits for $125+tax. This gets you 3 studios per cycle and you can pay a couple of credits extra when you want to book over that 3 limit.
Target classes that are 5 points. This will give you 18 classes a month which works out to $6.9+tax per class!

Here’s a screenshot of the current pricing options
Screen Shot 2017-11-05 at 4.25.03 PM

Once you’ve used up your 18 classes, you may need to purchase a package of more credits:

  • For not too many more classes: The 27 credit plan will give you around 5 classes for $8/class each if you stick with the 5 credit classes.
  • For the fitness junkie who needs lots of classes, get the 90 credit pack for $115. This will give you 18 classes for $6.30/class
  • Screen Shot 2017-11-05 at 4.22.49 PM

    How I Recommend Using The Credit System

  • Use Classpass as a marketplace. You can now choose the cheapest if all you want is a good yoga class. There are so many studios that you get quite a few options even in the lowest credit bracket.
  • Try things other than fitness with your points! I go to the sauna at Area Yoga and Exhale at least once a week. I also like the pool over at Brooklyn Athletic Club.
  • Instant Booking: always have yoga clothes with you, pick up your phone and book something nearby using the geo feature.
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