ClassPass Discount Fitness Pass & The Art of Saving (Fitness) Money

I strive to keep my budget tight and thanks to the ClassPass discount fitness pass, I have saved some serious cash with my fitness budget. This article is going to take a look at how ClassPass saves you money, some tips to make the most out of your ClassPass savings, and an overview of the “refer a friend” ClassPass coupons. The beautiful thing about ClassPass is that saving money is already built into the model, so you really don’t need a ClassPass coupon or ClassPass promo code to start saving money…the minute you join, you are already saving.


Saving Money With ClassPass


It’s a natural human desire to want to spend more money on fitness and beauty, I mean the old “it will make me look or feel better” argument usually beats any cost saving argument. I have to work really hard to not overspend in my fitness budget category. It takes lots of restraint, but it CAN be done.

I used to spend around $200-300/month on multiple boutique fitness passes. I always wanted a little cardio, a little pilates, and a little restorative yoga all in one place. I was never able to find that unicorn studio close enough to my home or with the hours I wanted. I personally do not like joining regular gyms, so I ended up buying multiple passes to a few of the boutique fitness studios I love…but this spending trend was not sustainable for my budget.

Once I joined ClassPass, I was saving $100-$200/month! Some months I still buy a pass to my favorite boutique studio (ahem, Aqua Studio) to help supplement my need to attend more than 3 classes at the studio, BUT I am still saving money even with these added packages.

ClassPass Costs

Here’s a little breakdown of ClassPass costs and fees.
Initiation Fee: $0…they had me at zero.
Monthly Fees: $79-125+ tax depending on your city. NYC is $99/month + tax.
Classes: Unlimited classes (3 classes per studio per month) at any ClassPass studio partner. That’s right, every single ClassPass city is included with your membership.
Extra Fees: No extra fees up front. If you want to put your membership on hold, it’s easy. Just notify ClassPass 3 days before billing cycle is over. It costs $19/mo while on hold. You also get 1 class/mo while membership is on hold. If you decide to cancel: no fee to cancel, however if you ever want to rejoin, there is a $79 reactivation fee. There is a $15 fee for cancelled classes less than 12 hours in advance and a $20 fee for not showing up to class.

More Ways ClassPass Helps You Save Money

ClassPass AutoPay

Anytime you can automate your spending budget, you are inherently saving money and making it much much easier to operate a tight fixed budget. We want our budget as tight as our body right?!

The ClassPass AutoPay billing system is super easy to navigate. You enter your billing details, and they simply bill you monthly according to when you sign up.

No Commitment Membership

The no commitment membership definitely saves me money on a yearly basis. If you every need to put your ClassPass membership on hold, it is super easy. You just do it 3 days in advance via their online system. They charge you $19/month when it’s on hold, and you get to go to 1 class during that time. Taking it off hold is just as easy, there are no extra fees and you just go back to your normal billing cycle.

If you decide to cancel your membership completely, it’s the same 3 day notice policy. If you want to rejoin ClassPass in the future, you will be charged a $79 reactivation fee. So, putting the membership on hold is definitely the more economical option if you are going away for less than 6 months.

ClassPass Coupon & ClassPass Promo

As I said before, the beautiful thing about the ClassPass model is that “saving money” is already built into the model, so you really don’t need a ClassPass coupon or ClassPass promo code to start saving money. Still, as we are all cheapists at heart, I’m sure many of you have been scouring the internet for active ClassPass coupons. Read below for info on their past refer a friend ClassPass promos for members and their friends.

ClassPass Refer A Friend Program
Once you sign up for ClassPass, you can opt into their email list, which I highly recommend staying on because they email you updates on new studios, giveaways, and sometimes refer a friend promotional offers.

In the past, the ClassPass Refer a Friend program has given members a credit towards your monthly ClassPass for every friend that signs up through your personal refer a friend link. That credit has ranged from $25-$50 for referring a friend. Your friend also gets that same $25-$50 credit, so everyone wins.

This is something ClassPass has done throughout the year in the past, and it’s only available to members who are already signed up for ClassPass and the member’s friends. I’m not sure if they will offer it in the near future, but it’s certainly worth staying on the email list for just in case!

If you’re not already a member and on their email list, you can sign up for ClassPass HERE.

ClassPass Motivates You To Get Into Class

This feature of ClassPass is priceless to me. If you miss a class you signed up for, you are charged $20. If you cancel less than 12 hours in advance, there is a $15 fee. While some may see this as a negative thing, it honestly has made me a more committed fitness student. It’s the whole “make an appointment with fitness on your calendar” phenomenon that really does work. I take the time to make my “fitness appointments,” and I keep the appointment!

Multi-City ClassPass Access

Your unlimited ClassPass is valid in all ClassPass supported cities! This is great if you’re traveling to one of the many cities now offering ClassPass classes. See ClassPass city list below.

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