Discount Lululemon: How To Get Your In Store 15% OFF Lululemon Discounts!

Discount Lululemon: Get your in store discount!

Many years ago, when you would check out at Lululemon, the lovely shop girls would ask “are you a yoga, pilates, fitness, dance instructor, or personal trainer?” They would ask that because if you are, you are entitled to discounts on Lululemon in stores only. It’s called the Lululemon Research and Development program (Lululemon R&D for short). The discount entitles you to 15% off of anything including sales.

For some reason, Lululemon doesn’t really openly talk about it in the stores anymore, I guess they assume the word is out! It is on their website, however many trainers and yoga teachers I run into have been paying full price for years and Lulu never asked them at the register…

You will need to bring proof of certification (i.e. training certificate, a paystub or a business card) and photo identification.

You used to be able to use your R&D Discount Lululemon at the outlet stores, which was AMAZING!!! I really got some great deals there…however they have recently discontinued doing that :-( I’m hoping they will re-implement it again.

For a peak at what’s being sold at the Lululemon outlets, just check out Ebay, it’s where all the resellers sell from. They go to the outlets and sell it for double on Ebay.

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