Etsy Whole Foods In Store “Pop-IN” Collaboration

The Etsy Whole Foods online collaboration is continuing OFFline as a Pop-In shop at Whole Foods stores! While shopping at Whole Foods Brooklyn today, I was awestruck by an enormous Etsy display in the middle of Whole Body. Um, hello Etsy IPO! Way to keep yourself relevant and showcase some of your top Etsy sellers. Whole Foods Brooklyn is a great showcase for Etsy sellers considering Etsy’s headquarters are in BK.


Etsy and Whole Foods have been collaborating together since November 2013 through a partnership known as Ingredients for Creativity. Through the collaboration, Whole Foods has featured some Etsy artists to host holiday DIY events in local stores throughout 2013 and 2014. Plus there was that awesome reusable Etsy Whole Foods limited edition bad (see below for details). The Ingredients for Creativity website continues to showcase Etsy items in curated lists by Whole Foods.

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My Whole Foods shopping trip today was shocking…An Etsy store offline and inside Whole Foods?! For a minute I thought I was lost in the Broad City Whole Foods Brooklyn episode Wisdom Teeth (same store, same aisles), surely this could not be real…!

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But it is real! Yippee! I’m happy to (so far) be the first one reporting on this. Not surprising given the amount of money I spend at Whole Foods on a monthly basis…

Check out all of the exciting things being showcased now at Whole Foods Brooklyn below + affiliate links to the Etsy seller’s actual Etsy stores!

Etsy + Whole Foods Pop-In Brooklyn Shop

It’s like they transported online Etsy and suddenly created a (large) free standing store…in the middle of Whole Foods.

Spotted @etsy + @wholefoods collab! Life 2.0! #diy #craft #wholefoods #etsy

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Tina Produce

“Tina Produce promotes sustainability by offering reusable napkins, kitchen towels, totes and tees. Initial designs are inspired by farmers’ markets and aim to celebrate year-round fresh local produce. All functional art pieces are designed and hand screenprinted in Oakland, California.” Tina Produce’s Etsy Shop


Claudia G Pearson

Claudia G Pearson’s Etsy Shop features whimsical tea towels, aprons, coloring books, prints, and more!

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Brooklyn Navy Everyday Tote

I love Claudia’s Brooklyn navy tote bag. $20 at Whole Foods Brooklyn or online at Claudia’s Etsy store.



I LOVE the Bake kitchen towel only $24 at Whole Foods BK or on StudioPatro’s Etsy shop.

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Foxy & Winston

Foxy and Winston features handprinted stationery and textiles, based in Brooklyn.


Etsy Artist Designed Whole Foods Reusable Bag

You can pick up a limited-edition Whole Foods Market reusable tote designed by an Etsy artist, available in stores now across the U.S.

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Stay tuned for more updates on the Etsy + Whole Foods in store collaborations!