ClassPass: Experience The Best Fitness Classes NYC

It’s no secret that the best fitness classes NYC can be quite expensive – plus there are so many amazing studios, sometimes it’s hard to choose which one to go to or which one to be loyal to. Well the ladies at ClassPass have answered this conundrum by offering an amazing monthly subscription fitness service to boutique fitness, yoga, and pilates studios in NYC (they also serve pretty much every major city in the U.S. plus London and Vancouver).

I have been a member of Classpass for over a year now, and I love it…I’ve toned up, met new friends, and have recently taken up aqua cycling (hello summertime!). This article contains affiliate links for Classpass, which means when you click a link I may get a small commission. Classpass is honestly the best thing I’ve ever signed up for. I am getting into all the top fitness studios in the city for a fraction of the price.

One of my favorite things about Classpass is how they hold customers accountable for getting into class (for some of the more lazy fitness bunnies this is a good thing!). Case in point: you will be charged $15 if you don’t show up to a class! They also send reminder emails about your reservations AND congratulation emails after you’ve completed a class. It’s like having your own personal trainer!

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ClassPass: Your CHEAP Ticket To The Best Fitness Classes in NYC

For only $125/month you get 10 classes. That’s only $12.50 per class!! Fitness classes in nyc are usually anywhere from $20-32 depending on the studio and the brand.

How does ClassPass work?

ClassPass is a monthly auto-renew subscription service of $125/month.
You get 10 classes per month and can visit each studio up to 3 times per month. There are several cheap add on packages if you feel like you need more than 10 classes in the month. You can visit your favorite classes more than 3 times per month, you will just have to pay a small fee that varies.

There is no initial joining fee. According to their website FAQ, you can put your subscription on hold for $19/mo (and take one class per month). If you choose to cancel your membership you can do it very easily with 15 days notice. However, after you cancel, if you want to rejoin you will have to pay a $79 reactivation fee.

What Fitness Studios Do They Offer?

I was extremely impressed by the vast number of amazing studios on their list.

HERE is a current and comprehensive list of all of their studios serving NYC and the surrounding areas.
HERE is a handy map that will show you the studios by neighborhood.

My Top Fitness Studio Recommendations To Try on ClassPass

I am quite the fitness studio addict, and I won’t say I’ve tried them all…but I’ve certainly tried alot. Honestly there are so many amazing studios on the ClassPass list, it’s hard to choose a favorite. So here are some of my suggestions to check out when you join ClassPass (but certainly take the challenge to try them all):

1. Brooklyn Bodyburn

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It’s Michelle Obama and Kim Kardashian’s favorite workout, and you too can become a true addict of the Megaformer at Brooklyn Bodyburn. What is a megaformer? As Kristina Rudolfo explains on Style Bistro:

The MegaFormer is similar to a Pilates reformer but provides more options in springs, handle bars and pulleys, providing constant resistance in the hundreds of possible moves. It is a no-impact workout but provides a cardio blast, thanks to the ease in smoothly, quickly transitioning between slow-moving exercises. There are hardly any breaks, so your heart rate stays up.

2. The Ailey Extension

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Thanks to ClassPass you too can say “I’ve trained with Alvin Ailey…well at his extension at least!” The Ailey Extension offers classes in a variety of genres: beginning ballet, yoga, Zumba, Capoeira, West African dance, and much much more. So go there and train like a professional dancer even if it is your first time.

3. Ellie Herman Studios

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Another Brookyln studio making my list. Ellie Herman has 3 Brooklyn locations to be exact. Ellie Herman is the pilates expert in NYC, and the fact that you can train at her studio for $9.90 thanks to ClassPass is unheard of. It’s worth the train ride to Brooklyn 2-3 times a month, trust me.

4. Yoga Shanti

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Yoga Shanti is owned by two renowned yoga teachers: Rodney Yee and Colleen Saidman. That’s right, you get to practice yoga with the best of the best. Once again, ClassPass is offering world class fitness classes for less than $10.

5. Brooklyn Zoo NY

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Last but certainly not least is Brooklyn Zoo NY(formerly Brooklyn Beast). Change things up in your fitness life with a little parkour. Jump from a building into a pit of squishy blocks, climb a wall while jumping on a trampoline…let your inner kid run wild!

For a more in depth look at parkour and what you can do at Brooklyn Zoo NY, watch this hilarious video of Ben Aaron attempting parkour at Brooklyn Zoo NY. In the end he proclaims “anyone can do this.”

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