Flashdance Is On Netflix. You Are Welcome.

Another PSA for the week: Flashdance is now on Netflix. That’s right. The original dance movie. Take your passion. Make it happen. What a feeling.

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We owned the Flashdance VHS tape and record in the 80s. I was a ballet dancer so I watched this movie at least a million times. Flashdance shaped my childhood dreams of following my artistic endeavors. At that age I didn’t know what the rest of the movie was about, nor did I care. I was there for the dance.
When Jennifer Beals taped up her feet, nailed quintuplet pirouettes, and flew across the room…
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all I wanted to do was dance.Fast-forward to now and the film still holds its weight as a cult classic dance film. If you grew up with it, watch it for some seriously dope nostalgia.

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It’s a time capsule of dance history with moves you won’t believe.

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And if you’ve never seen it, please watch it and learn the dances like the rest of us ;-).

Here’s The Official What A Feeling Music Video

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