Queen Cheap’s Guide To Free Beauty Samples

I’ve put together a guide to free beauty samples to help you get more FREE products into your life. Companies make samples of their products because they believe in their products, and they believe once you sample you will buy the full size at full price. So here are my tips to getting all of the free samples you can!

Queen Cheap’s Guide To Free Beauty Samples

1. Do The “Queen Cheap Sample Mall Walk”

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This is my favorite way to get free samples. Hit up every counter you want at the mall. Most brands will have samples of something for you. Just ask the lady at the counter, “Do you have any product samples? Are there any new products I should know about?” Honestly one trip like this, you could have enough sample product to last you a year!

2. Mail/Email Your Favorite Brands

Brands love to hear from you, so decide who you want free samples from and write to them. Tell them how much you love their product and ask for a free sample – 9 times out of 10 they will send it to you! Sometimes they put a coupon with it as well to get you to buy the full size next time.

3. Sephora Beauty Insider

You’re going to shop anyways, so get rewarded for it. Sephora gives out great samples through its’ Beauty Insider program. Register your birthday because they really take care of you with samples on your birthday. If you go into the store and ask for a sample of a product you’re interested in, they will give it to you no questions asked. Moreover, there return policy is out of this world, so in essence you can buy the product, sample it, and return it if you’re not happy.

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4. Aveda

Become a member of Aveda.com, and you’ll receive an exclusive offer on your birthday every year. Aveda carries makeup, hair care, skin care perfume and more.

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Sign up here and Receive your 3-step system sample pack, valued at $11.50*, at a participating location. Invati™ exfoliating shampoo cleanses and renews the scalp, invati™ thickening conditioner weightlessly thickens hair from within, and invati™ scalp revitalizer helps you keep the hair you have longer.**

5. P&G Brand SAMPLER

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Sign up, and once every quarter you’ll be able to request free samples and coupons. They send you some great samples!

6. Physicians Formula

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Physicians Formula always has some kind of rebate or sample by mail promotion going on. So be sure to check back at there site every month.

7. Kiehls

Kiehls has always been known for being very generous with samples. Just walk into their stores (or any counter in your local mall) and ask for samples. They will oblige with no shame, trust me. Also, when you order from Kiehls.com you get 3 samples of your choice.
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8. Free Argan Oil

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Fill out the form HERE and you will be mailed a lovely FREE sample of argan oil for your hair.

9. Stem Cell Skin Care

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You can try a sample of Stem Cell Skin Care for $1 shipping by signing up HERE.

10. Kenra Hair Spray

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This hair spray was an award winner in 2014. It is lightweight, gives great hold, and well they will send you a free sample just by filling out the info HERE.

Keep checking back for more free beauty samples. I will be updating this article as I get more FREE beauty samples by mail!