Free Stuff No Surveys! Happy Free Friday!

Check out this week’s free stuff no survey’s haul! Everything below is tried and vetted first by Queen Cheap and there are absolutely no surveys involved. Enjoy your free stuff without surveys this week, and check back every week for more free stuff! *Affiliate links are included in this article.

Free Stuff No Surveys!

Free Magic Eraser Samples

Magic Erasers are hands down my favorite cleaning product and IMO one of the best inventions of the 21st century, so they are making the top of my list this week. They clean any wall scuff in seconds, and they clean scratches off of furniture like I”ve never seen before. Seriously. Once it took a huge scratch off of a lucite table I was selling on Craigslist which helped me make another $50 on the table. I LOVE Magic Erasers! You can sign up HERE to test the magic yourself! Enjoy!

Free Pass To 24 Hour Fitness

Summer is almost here, so it’s a great time to get into the gym before you start hitting the beach for some R&R! You can get a free pass to any 24 Hour Fitness in the U.S. by clicking HERE. Happy sweating!

Free BioFreeze Sample

I’ve been using Biofreeze for about 8 years now to elliviate muscle pain every once in a while. It is seriously strong stuff that takes the pain right away. I love it and am so happy to get some of it for free :-) Just click below!

free biofreeze gel

Free Brand Samples Of Your Choice

There are many products you already use and many new ones created daily. Now you can try these samples FREE!

Free Muscle Tech Samples

Build your muscles with Muscle tech’s line of supplements. Muscle tech is sending out free samples of several of their products, you can choose which product you’d like to sample. The products include: Neurocore Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite, Anabolic Halo, Nano Vapor, Nitro-Tech, Cell-Tech.
muscle samples