The Juice Detox Cleanse: A Comparison + Where To Get Cheap Juice Cleanses!

The Juice Detox Cleanse continues to be the hottest thing to hit the health food scene. There’s just no stopping the juice: it’s tasty, it’s healthy, and yes, it can help you lose weight. I’m avid Juice Cleanser myself (inspired by my dad’s juicing days since the 80s). I have watched the Juice movement go from The Juiceman’s infomercials to Jim Carrey’s Juice Weasel on In Living Color (see below for full video and full laughs) to the hottest celeb inspired movement of the moment.

Jim Carrey "The Juice Weasel"

Jim Carrey “The Juice Weasel”

I’ve put together a list of the top brands out there, and what differentiates each brand. Most importantly, I’ll take you through how to save money on juice cleanses and where to get the best deals.

Juice Cleanse Detox Brands

Love Grace

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Why I Love It: Organic, fresh tasting, and some juices have coconut water (yum!)
Where To Buy It Cheap: Gilt City to save 37% off!

Love Grace is an NYC based juice cleanse company who is taking the juice world by storm. Their juices are

  • Organic: Certified USDA Organic straight from mother earth.
  • Cold Pressed: They use a hydraulic press that minimizes oxidation and yields 3-5x the nutrients of an average home juicer.
  • Pure: Never heated and full of vitamins and minerals.
  • Available Across The U.S.: They deliver nationwide!

Their Classic Cleanse package is available from 1-7 days and includes
1 16oz Purify
1 4oz Ginger Bomb
1 16oz Super Cider/Longevity Tonic
1 16oz Green Sunshine
1 16oz Green Protein Smoothie/Chocolate Superfood Smoothie/Probiotic Smoothie
1 16oz Restore

Jus By Julie

Why I Love It: They’ve got…Shots, shots, shots…shots shots shots! Everybody! Healthy shots!

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Where To Buy It Cheap: Tons of options here, my friends

    • Jus by Julie website: BOGO buy one, get one 50% off EVERYTHING + get FREE shipping! Coupon Code: JUSLOVE50 through 4/12!J
    • Groupon: Groupon has featured Jus by Julie (currently on Groupon now!) for really cheap + free shipping!


There’s Juice..and then there’s JUS! Jus by Julie differentiates itself in the juice cleanse market by offering booster shots. I personally prefer shots over cold pressed juices for daily maintenance because it’s quick, easy, and your can feel it right away!

My go to shot: The E3 Live shot

Screen Shot 2015-04-08 at 10.53.43 AM

This shot is a combo of E3 Live, blue green algae, lemon, and apple. Thank me later for this amazing boost to your system. For more info on the benefits of E3 Live check out my article The Best Vitamins For Women.

More info from Jus by Julie:

Our juice cleanses are made fresh daily from only pure and raw ingredients. Our JUS cleanse is a detox diet designed to rid the body of impurities through specially formulated drinks. Our JUS keeps you nutritionally satiated and energized, assisting in your daily productivity and improving your quality of life.


Screen Shot 2015-04-08 at 11.14.29 AM

Why I Love It: Reputable brand, been around for a while, and EASY to buy anywhere (ahem, Whole Foods).
Where To Buy It Cheap:
1. Gilt City often has Blue Print deals, keep checking back!
2. Whole Foods: Check out my article on BluePrint Juice Cleanse Deals to get the lowdown on the Whole Foods Blueprint juice sale.

More info from their website:

BPC provides the first nutritional cleanse offering different levels of intensity. Enjoy six fresh fruit and vegetable juices daily in place of meals for as long as you choose, delivered straight to your door anywhere in the U.S.

The Juice Weasel aka Jim Carrey’s Finest Health Moment

I’ll leave you in tears of laughter with a classic Jim Carrey skit from In Living Color. Enjoy!

If you’re ready to take your juice cleanse to the next level, check out Juice Beauty: amazing beauty products made from…juice!