Lafayette 148 Warehouse Sale 2015 Sneak Peak

Run, don’t walk, to the Lafayette Warehouse Sale Thursday May 7 through Friday May 8, 2015 (details below). Ladies, this is a huge sale of TWO warehouse floors of merchandise. Queen Cheap went to a special sneak peak of this epic sale yesterday, and in full disclosure I did receive free clothes in exchange for this article. Lafayette 148 is a brand I’ve worn for years, and I’m happy to run through the highlights of the sale to help you navigate it best.

**Update 5/7: Lafayette 148 HAS confirmed an extra 20% off of EVERYTHING tomorrow!!

Prices are ridiculously cheap (see details below), especially for such quality clothes. My advice is to stock up on leather, shearling, and cashmere from Fall and make sure to grab several silk tops and tunics as well as the beautiful work essentials Lafayette 148 is known for.


Lafayette 148 Warehouse Sale 2015 Details

Thursday, May 7th 9am-7pm
Friday, May 8th 9am-6pm


148 Lafayette Street, New York, NY 10013 (between Howard and Grand Street)
The main sale is on the 2nd floor, while petites and plus is on the 7th floor.

lafayette 148

*No strollers or children under 12, please.

Further Mark Downs?

There will be further mark downs of 20% off on Friday May 8.
Queen Cheap advice: go twice to the sale. First pick up those must have pieces, and then check back towards the end of the last day to see if you can scoop up and deeper discounted merchandise.

Stock Replenishing:

Lafayette 148 will be replenishing stock all throughout the sale. Leather is always the first to go quickly in the first day!


Layout Overview + Highlights From The Sale

Lafayette 148 is featuring discounts up to 75% off of select Spring 2014 AND 2015 as well as some killer deals on Fall 2014. It was so hot the day I went shopping I couldn’t bring myself to purchasing the amazing $25 Cashmere scarves they had up for sale…still recovering from buyers regret on that one, and I’ll probably return to the sale once it opens to the public to overcome said regret.

I was really impressed by the layout: it’s extremely organized and easy to navigate.


Warehouse Sale Floor Overview:

Everything is divided into separates, and the separates are divided by color, making it super easy to shop the sale. There are sizes for everyone from size zero to plus size…just about everyone can find something in their size at this sale. The popular sizes are definitely 2s, 8s, smalls and mediums; but it was still very very easy for me to find larger sizes.

Floor 2: You will find sizes up to 18, although for sizes above 16, your best bet is to head up to the 7th floor.

Floor 7: You will find petites and plus size. This is a good floor to find blazers in size 14 and up. They even have wide sized blazers which is super helpful for those of you with wider shoulders such as myself!

2nd Floor Clothing Highlights + Prices:


Price: Range from only $5-35!!!


As you walk in there are DEEPLY discounted accessories including belts, necklaces, hats, purses and cashmere scarves ranging from $5-$35. Snag these quickly as they will go fast at that price.

Cashmere Scarves For $20!

Cashmere Scarves For $20!

Shearling & Calf Skin Coats

Price: As marked ranging from $400-600
Next up you have the shearling coats, dress coats, trenches, etc. located right behind the register when you walk in. They are on 3 small sized racks, so, if you came here for the coveted Shearling coat, grab it while you can.

Oh, what beautiful shearling!

Oh, what beautiful shearling!


More Shearling!

More Shearling!


Price: As marked ranging from $100-300

Fall 2015 cold weather coats of various colors and patterns are also featured in this sale. I found some gorgeous trench coats that will surely be a go to staple in any Fashionista’s wardrobe.

Coats of all color and sizes available! Love this trench!

Coats of all color and sizes available! Love this trench!

Leather Jackets

Price: As marked $100-200

The most popular part of the sale is located right in the front: the LEATHER. 3-4 Rounders of leather coats ranging in colors from black, white, brown, and neutral taupe. These always go the first day of the sale, so again grab what you like then and there, else someone else certainly will.

These leather jackets will go quickly!

These leather jackets will go quickly!


Price: As marked $60-100

2 long racks of vests line the front left side of the room. These also tend to be pretty popular as they are great layering pieces.

Sleeveless & Short Sleeved Tops (Lots of Silk!)

Price: $40

Sleeveless and short sleeved tops are all on the left side of the room. I found a ton of beautiful silk pieces for spring/summer, including pieces from the their current Spring 2015 collection still available on their website. When it comes to silk blouses I just can’t say no. It’s a luxury I can’t live without especially at only $40!

This silk top is so flattering on!

This silk top is so flattering on!

Long Sleeved Tops and Blazers

Price: Tops $60, Jackets $80

Sleeved tops and blazers fill in the bulk of the middle section of the warehouse. More beautiful silk tops, linen sweaters, and great work blazers abound.


Price: $50
4 rounders of skirts are in the back middle section close to the dresses. I found some really beautiful spring time skirts as well as a great selection of work ready knee length skirts.

Work ready skirts

Work ready skirts


Price: $80

All along the back of the room against the windows is an amazing array of BEAUTIFUL dresses: shift dresses for work, beachy dress coverups, summery linen tunics, silk tunics, day to night dresses, and some really great LBD’s. Some of these dresses have gorgeous leather details, I even found one black leather dress (size 4), see below, plus a few on trend black jumpsuits.


Pants are all along side the right side of the room. There are a ton of pants including dress pants, work pants, leggings, jeans, and some really fun patterned pants.


Dressing Room

There is a huge dressing room with mirrors located towards the front left part of the warehouse. There are no dividers, so make sure you’re not shy!


7th Floor Layout

This floor is home to petites, plus, and more accessories. The 7th Floor is smaller than the enormous 2nd floor layout, so be prepared to squeeze through people and racks quickly and efficiently. If you are not a petite or plus size, I still recommend going up here just to see very quickly what other accessories are still left on the 7th floor. There are several spring time hats up here for $5!!!

Belts, hats, and cashmere scarves on the 7th Floor.

Belts, hats, and cashmere scarves on the 7th Floor.


There is a great selection of petites fully stocked with dresses, jackets, pants, and tops.

Petites on the left, Plus on the right.

Petites on the left, Plus on the right.

Plus Sizes

Lots of great work dresses, tops and blazers are up here in the plus section. Definitely worth a quick look if you are size 14 and up. Most of the sizes were 18+, but there were a couple of great size 14 deals on here as well.

Dressing Room

The dressing room is located to the left of the registers behind the black curtains.

Queen Cheap Pro Shopping Tips For The Lafayette 148 Warehouse Sale

  1. Go early. Snag the hot items (shearling, leather, cheap accessories, silk, etc).
  2. Have a plan, know what your wardrobe needs and what colors you are going to focus on. This will really help you navigate through all of the other shoppers without being overwhelmed.
  3. Wear good undergarments. The dressing room is open format so you’ll be changing amongst many other excited shoppers. A tank top is recommended for the more modest shopper.
  4. Buy the leather and shearling early. It’s going to sell out fast. I know I’ve said it twice, but it’s important!!
  5. GO BACK AGAIN. The trick to warehouse sales is to always go early on the first day, and then go on the last day as well. Plus Lafayette 148 is restocking all throughout the day, so you will definitely see some new product if you go twice.
  6. Buy lots of accessories. The accessories are so crazy cheap, if you stock up now you’ll have tons of great gifts to give to friends and family throughout the year.
  7. Have fun, enjoy the sale, and of course no pushing! Breathe deep, get your deals, and try to have patience if someone snags that dress you were rushing across the room for…there are plenty of amazing deals for everyone.

More Photos From The Sale


Gorgeous Spring colored scarves



Hats For Cheap! $5-15!

Hats For Cheap! $5-15!

More Reasons To Shop Lafayette 148

As if the beautiful clothes and warehouse sale wasn’t enough, did you know Lafayette 148 is an extremely philanthropic and culturally conscious company as well? They have started an education program in China “School of Dreams” giving back to the community that is home to their factory, and they also support education programs in NYC.

Screen Shot 2015-05-05 at 9.52.33 AM

From the Lafayette website:

Education is the foundation of our philanthropy here at Lafayette 148 New York, because we know it is the difference between the ordinary and the extraordinary. We support children and education in New York and abroad including the Promise Project and partnerships with the Fashion Institute of Technology. Lafayette 148 New York also supports the Museum of Chinese in America (MOCA), a nonprofit educational and cultural institution in New York and our Soho neighbor. We are especially proud of the success of our School of Dreams in Shantou, China.

The School of Dreams provides an equal opportunity for quality education to all children of migrant workers in Shantou. The school is based around Mr. Siu’s philosophy of “quality on the inside will reflect everywhere else,” and constantly finds ways to improve and expand its infrastructure.

In 2007, our founder, Shun Yen Siu, founded the School of Dreams in his hometown of Shantou, China after he discovered that many children in the community did not have access to public schooling and felt the overwhelming need to help.

So get over to the Lafayette Warehouse Spring 2015 sale!

Get some crazy amazing deals while supporting a philanthropic business that takes care of the communities around it.