Lemon Water In The Morning: The Ultimate Health Drink Recipe

Lemon water in the morning is absolutely the best way to start your day. I’ve been drinking this for years and have recently taken my morning lemon water to the next level with a kick of cayenne and turmeric for the ULTIMATE morning health routing. Read below for the recipe and health benefits.

Lemon Water In The Morning: The Ultimate Health Recipe + Benefits



Maple Syrup

Health Benefits

I. Lemon and Why It’s Amazing

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Lemon: vitamin C, B-complex vitamins, calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium, and fiber.
1. Lemon boosts your immune system.
2. It is a great source of potassium.
3. It aids your digestion.
4. Lemon cleanses your system.
5. It makes your skin radiant thanks to all the antioxidants!
6. Lemon is great for weight loss: Lemons contain pectin fiber, which assists in fighting hunger cravings.
7. Lemon reduces inflammation: it will decrease the acidity in your body, which is where disease states occur. It removes uric acid in your joints, which is one of the main causes of inflammation.
8. Lemon gives you energy.
9. Lemon helps calm nerves.

II. Cayenne

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Cayenne made itself popular in the Lemonade Master Cleanse. According to the Master Cleanse website, Cayenne:
1. Is a stimulant which raises the metabolism (something that is important when not digesting food).
2. Increases circulation, which is very helpful when cleansing because one often feels slightly cool, likely due to the low metabolism which results from not digesting food.
3. Acts as a blood thinner and purifier, which can help with digestion. This also helps ALOT if you suffer from migraines.

III. Turmeric

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Turmeric has long been known as India’s “wonder spice.” It is absolutely amazing. Dr. Mercola explains why it’s such a powerful spice. Check out his website for more detailed info on the health benefits of Turmeric.

1. Supports your antioxidant protection against free radicals
2. Helps promote your healthy skin
3. Supports your overall eye health
4. Provides you immune system support
5. Aids your skeletal system and joint health
6. Encourages your healthy liver function
7. Helps you maintain healthy cells with support against free radicals
8. Balances the health of your digestive system
9. Aids you in support of healthy blood and your circulatory system
10. Helps you maintain normal cholesterol levels to support your cardiovascular system
11. Assists your neurological system’s healthy response to stress
12. Promotes a healthy female reproductive system
13. Helps you maintain blood sugar levels already within the normal range

IV. Maple Syrup

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Maple syrup provides nutrients, calories and energy. It IS optional, sometimes I add it if I know I’m not going to eat much that day. It’s really up to you.

My Ultimate Morning Lemon Drink Recipe

Here is the recipe. It’s super easy. BluePrint Cleanse sells a similar drink minus the turmeric for $6.99. You can make this at home for pennies and with the added health benefits of Turmeric, yeah!
1 Lemon
8-12oz water
1/2 teaspoon Turmeric
1 dash of cayenne (You can work up to more as time goes on)
1/4 teaspoon Maple Syrup (this can be optional, I think it really adds to the flavor so I keep it)

You can drink this once in the morning, or make alot and drink it throughout the day (that’s usually what I do). It WILL help you make better eating choices, I promise. Plus you’re getting all the health benefits listed above. Enjoy!

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