The Weekly Lululemon Athletica Sale Report

This week’s Lululemon Athletica Sale Report is the biggest sale I’ve seen in a long time. Prices are as low as $24! I was really excited to see the pants I put on Instagram a couple of weeks ago are now on sale.

Lululemon also just dropped a huge haul in the We Made Too Much (sales section) of their website. And the prices are pretty cheap. We’ve all been patiently waiting for that Luluelmon Warehouse Sale 2015 announcement *crickets*, well this huge sale haul will have to suffice until the actual warehouse sale.

The Lululemon Athletica Sales Report

1. Top Picks From Lululemon Online Sale

Here is a quick look at my top picks for the Lululemon online sale. All 70 sales items are featured below at the end of the article.

2. In Store & Online Sale: Lululemon Hot To Street Pants

One of my dance teachers wore these pants to teach class, and they were really flattering on. They are higher waisted, and the material with extra lycra really sucks you in. Plus the mesh paneling is right on trend and cool for the summer months approaching… The Hot To Street Pants are available in stores AND online on sale for $79 in various colors and patterns. Originally $118. 

Screen Shot 2015-05-09 at 10.14.58 PM

3. In Store Sale: Lululemon Retreat Dress On Sale

I’ve been eyeing this cute easy breezy “retreat dress” for a while, but it was originally listed at $118 and given it’s a glorified cute T-Shirty dress, I just couldn’t justify the price. It is only available on sale in stores, so check your local Lulu it just might be on sale.

Screen Shot 2015-05-09 at 10.21.00 PM

4. What’s On Sale Right Now At Lululemon

Check out the huge sale and amazing prices (As low as $24) below. Please note these items were on sale as of 5-9-15 and stock can run out at any time. I honestly haven’t seen this much Lululemon on sale online in a very long time. 70 items in total!