Pro Tips For Lululemon Black Friday 2015

Updated 11/24/16 10:18pm BIG Sale already started on Lululemon We Made Too Much website!

For a run down of Lululemon Black Friday 2016 read HERE

Here are some pro tips for Lululemon Black Friday 2015, put together by Queen Cheap a self procalimed expert of the Lululemon Black Friday sale, having shopped it for more than 10 years now. The Luluelmon Black Friday sale has morphed and changed over the years indeed, however one thing does remain the same…deals are to be had! So, read below for some great tips on how to really save and the best deals on your Lululemon for cheap on Black Friday. Happy shopping!

Lululemon Black Friday 2015: Pro Tips For The Best Deals

1. Get to the Lululemon Outlet Black Friday Stat

The outlets generally have the deepest discounts. Especially on cold weather jackets from last year. You will also find good deals on small gifts for under the christmas tree like hats, scarves and other small accessories. One year I picked up a ton of Lululemon yoga blocks for $7!…and they were a huge hit as Christmas gifts. Tops are also generally very cheap at the outlets on Black Friday. Pants and shorts can be hit or miss. Some styles will be more marked down than others. Wunder unders in desirable colors tend to keep their higher pricing, while those off patters and neon colors tend to be marked down more.

Here’s a link of Lululemon outlet locations.

2. Shop Online AND In Store AT THE SAME TIME!!!

Say what? That’s right. If you really want to pro shop for cheap this Black Friday at Lululemon Queen Cheap style, shop both in store and online all at the same time. Have your Ipad or smart phone pulled up online to the Lululemon sale site “We Made Too Much” so you can shop and compare what they are offering for sale online and in stores all at the same time.

If you don’t see what you want online in the store, tell the sales clerk immediately that you want to order the item, and they will immediately order the item for you. Shipping is FREE.

Ultimate Pro Tip: if you are an RND member (certified fitness instructors can apply), this is the only way you can get your 15% RND Lululemon discount online anytime you want. Just walk into the store and have the sales clerk order whatever you want online. You get the item 15% off, shipping is free, and it’s delivered to your door withing just a few days. Lululemon for cheap was never so easy.

3. Be Lazy. Beat The Crowds. Scoop Up Unseen Deals On Ebay.

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Black Friday is the best day to bid on used and new Lululemon on Ebay as most of the bidders are out shopping for real deals in stores. Therefore, I recommend if you are feeling a little lazy this Black Friday, stay home. Sit behind the computer, and simply scoop up some last minute bids that other people are missing out on because they are at the mall.