Lululemon Black Friday Sale 2017

It’s my favorite time of year, my birthday and Black Friday…I always get most excited about the Lululemon Black Friday Sale 2017. I’m extremely cheap when it comes to my fitness gear, and I really only shop Lululemon on these big sale holidays. Lulu is notorious for not releasing any official Black Friday details, however they consistently year after year deliver great sales on Black Friday.

This article will give you tips on where to go on Black Friday to get your best deals on Lululemon for Black Friday.

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In Store At Lululemon Black Friday

I have always found great deals going into my local Lululemon stores. If you are in NYC or another large metropolitan, you can hit up several Lululemons. I always see different sale items throughout the city, so I recommend trying at least 2 or 3 locations if you are up for the sale challenge.

Queen Cheap Tip: Follow your local Lululemon store on Facebook. In the past, I received a Black Friday sale alert from a local store.

Luluelmon Online Black Friday Sale

As of 11/22 there are 153 items on the women’s section of We Made Too Much. There are some really cute items I recommend checking out (see pics below). Historically I’ve seen a larger haul appear on Black Friday and continue into Cyber Monday. I will update this as we go into the sale.

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Lululemon Outlet Black Friday Sale

The Lululemon outlet shops always have some incredible mark downs on big sale holidays. For instance, the last Columbus Day sale showcased a few different $9 tops. You can always expect at least one super cheap mark down at the outlets. Additionally, you will find other moderately priced tops and accessories. The pants I find overpriced at the outlet. The cheaper pants are usually pretty old cuts that look dated or strange color/patterns. I shop pants in the real store or online only.

Ivviva Black Friday Sale

Don’t forget to check out Ivviva (Lulu’s younger sister store) for Black Friday deals too. I find their home accessories and bedding really cute, you may find something you or someone else under your tree may enjoy. Here are some cute Ivivva sheets on sale at Pottery Barn: