Lululemon For Cheap Part 3: How To Buy Cheap Lululemon On Ebay

This Is Part 3 of my How To Get Lululemon For Cheap

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I have gotten some crazy good deals on Lululemon on Ebay, however you may also notice there is quite a Lululemon racket on Ebay with price gouging at its best. For example, people are buying Quiet Stripe Wunder Unders for anywhere from $300-500!!! Often they are used and still going at that price. Don’t believe me? Check out the search here of recently sold Quiet Stripe Wunder Unders

I am a yoga teacher and can’t imagine ever spending that much on striped yoga pants!! However, as a yoga teacher, Lululemon still is my favorite pants to down dog in (despite all the bad un-yoga like press). I’ve worn them for almost 10 years now, and I’m not changing brands. Therefore, my yoga pant loving friends, I offer you my secret tips on How To Buy Cheap Lululemon On Ebay.

1. Misspell Lululemon in a Search on Ebay

That’s right. Look for poorly written ads on Ebay that are not getting the best searches because they spelled things wrong.
Recommended spellings are (click for search examples on ebay):
and my all time favorite for getting good deals on Wunder Unders:
Search for Lululemon Wonder Under

Get creative with your wrong spellings, and you will often find some diamonds in the rough of ebay!

2. Focus on Auctions With Insanely Bad Ending Times

This is how I have gotten pretty much all of my best deals on Ebay, from Frye boots to my favorite Lululemon pink and white striped vinyasa scarf (swoon). You will usually be bidding on West Coast items, but occasionally you’ll find a crazy East Coaster who listed the item insanely late. What is insanely late? Pretty much anything over 1am EST.

Make sure you have a good alarm clock. Stay motivated. Your sleepy self will try to talk you into continuing your dreams…but don’t give in, the deal is worth it! Once you’re awake, yeah! Follow my no fail trick to winning Ebay auctions below in #4.

3. Focus on Auctions That End During The Week

Ebay is busiest with bidders during the weekend shopping/bidding blitz of Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Look for auctions that end Monday-Thursday. If you do this AND it has a really late ending time you should be golden.

4. Follow My No Fail Trick To Winning Ebay Auctions

This has literally worked for me every time I really want to win an auction. Here are my secrets:

1. Decide beforehand what your absolute maximum bid is.

This will keep you out of trouble with bidding wars and paying way too much for an item. Set your maximum price and then tell yourself how much you would go over that if it came down to a few dollars. For example if 100 is your maximum price, then in the heat of the moment it’s OK to go up to 105.

2. Don’t bid the item up in the beginning

I never understand why people bid up items early in an auction. As a seller I love it, but as a buyer it really irks me. I like to keep my bidding prices low! Just watch the item until the day it ends.

3. Learn how to bid in the last few minutes.

When the auction has an hour to go, you will need to open 2 different browsers and follow the auction in both windows. Minimize the windows to 2 squares so you can watch them side by side. Sometimes there is a lag time between bids when you’re actually bidding, so you bid in one browser’s window and watch the bids in the other browser’s window.

When there is about 2 minutes to go, put a good bid in. Don’t put your maximum bid yet, though. See how the others respond to this bid. Then, when it’s 30 seconds to go, put almost your maximum bid. With 6 seconds to go, put your maximum bid plus a couple of dollars.

That is how I’ve won every auction I’ve wanted on Ebay. You can mess a bit with the timing, but that 5-6 second marker at the end is usually the winning mark. I’ve sometimes pushed it to 3 seconds and was safe. Once I tried 1.5 seconds and did not get the bid in on time. Nonetheless, it’s an exhilarating way to bid!

Try out my tips and let me know if they work for you! Thanks and happy bidding!!


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