Sneak A Peak At Lululemon Outlets

Dear fellow Lululemon outlets lovers,

I am happy to announce that starting this week I will begin my monthly “top Lululemon outlets pick” where I share my favorite cheap Lululemon purchase from one of their outlet stores. Yes, I am prepared to buy more cheap Lululemon for the greater good of my readers :-)

As a preview to my monthly top picks, I wanted to post a sneak peak into the Lululemon outlets. For those of you who have never been, you are really missing out on some crazy good deals. I was recently travelling in Orlando and managed to stop at their outlet store.

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Sneak a Peak at Lululemon Outlet Orlando

The Entrance To Cheap Lululemon!


Look at all of those spring colors!


Store is divided into sizes making it super easy to shop!


Even the checkout counter is inspiring!


Here is a list of all of the Luluelmon outlets…
If you are nearby go quickly for some great deals on Lululemon!

Burlington, WA
Outlet Shoppes at Burlington

Vaughan, ON
Vaughan Mills

Albertville, MN
Albertville Premium Outlets

Orlando, FL
Orlando Premium Outlets – Vineland Ave

Central Valley, NY
Woodbury Common Premium Outlets NY

Gilroy, CA
Gilroy Premium Outlets