Investment Tip 101: Lululemon Pants Buy Low Sell High!

Why invest in Lululemon’s unstable stock when some Lululemon pants fetch a return of 10 times MSRP? Well friends, here is my list of the top trending Lululemon pants of all time that will make you some major bank IF you decide to sell. In the meantime, you can always wear your Lululemon stock (take that NASDAQ!).

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Lululemon Pants and Patterns That Sell Like Crazy On The Black Market


We live in an internet-verse where you can sell your old crusty gym clothes for $1000! Thank you freedom. Thank YOU. Below I’m sharing what’s hot on the black market.

1. Lululemon Wanderlust Wunder Onder Pants

MSRP: Appx $80
Black Market Price: $700+

As I previously reported these pants are a hot ticket released in conjunction with the Wanderlust Festival 2014. Cut to April 2015, as seen on my Instagram, these pants are still selling in the $700+ range.

2. Lululemon Quiet Stripe Wunder Unders

MSRP: Appx $80
Black Market Price: $1000

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These pants have been out for a few years now, but you can always find them on the black market. I’ve seen NWT Quiet Strip Wunder Unders go for as much as $1000 on Ebay
Nowadays the pants are so old you can’t find them NWT…please comment below if you find them! Sometimes you can find them very used for $700. Beauty and Insanity are in the eyes of the beholder.

*Note Lululemon has released many different striped pants, for whatever reason ONLY the Quiet Stripes fetch this crazy ammount of money.

3. Lululemon Camo Jacket

MSRP: Appx $130
Black Market Price: $550

Screen Shot 2014-08-17 at 1.28.06 PM

Good news – Lululemon is currently making camo print everything, so I’m forecasting if you stock up on some Lululemon Camo Wunder Unders, one day soon they will sell for alot on Ebay.

If you want to forecast future Lululemon pants for high return, stick to patterned Wunder Unders and Speed Shorts. You can never fail with these puppies; they create a sort of pavlovian “MUST BUY” response with Lulu fans. OR pay attention to stars wearing Lululemon, they do it all the time. Remember the furor Jessica Simpson caused by her legs in the Lululemon Secret Garden Speed Shorts? I own these, and, yes, they are as fabulous as they look.


Source: US Weekly

Source: US Weekly

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Your Guide To Operating The Black Market of Lululemon yoga pants

Who knew the world would come to this. Yes there is a black market for Lulu pants, and it’s dark very dark (much darker than see through yoga pants). In fact, should I not write another article this week, please alert the proper authorities as I may have made the Lululemon blacklist.

I kid, I kid… since Chip Wilson has stepped down, Lululemon seems to have taken a less dictator like approach to the blogging community. They’ve actually emailed with me and told me that in the future, they hope to work with bloggers. But three years ago as we all know things were different…. My article Lululemon Sheer Pants Gate: A 2 Year Studyis a funny explanation of that debacle with some funny gifs and your standard Ryan Gosling memes. Remember Chip Wilson’s “rubbing thighs” interview (see below)?

View on

Here is where you can sell your Lulu stock for a huge return:

1. Ebay

Tip: Careful how you sell: use your own photos. Lululemon can get your private info from Ebay if you use their photos on your listing. They will then put you in a system and BAN you from shopping online with your ebay email address.

2. Tradesy

Tradesy has a more limited stock of Lulu HTF pants, but it’s still worth

3. SECRET Underground Facebook groups

Check out my article Where To Buy Lululemon For Cheap: Inside Secret Lululemon Facebook Groupsfor an up to date list of these Lululemon Facebook groups.

Helpful tip: Follow the rules in these groups else they will ban your Lulu loving deriere. It gets real on those groups. Real. Cat fights sometimes over pants. They take their pants seriously.

So, there you have it. Operate the black market at your own risk.

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