Buyers Guide To The Lululemon Sale

Update 11/25/16: Details on Lululemon Black Friday 2016 HERE
The Lululemon Sale can be a white unicorn in itself…a tricky unicorn that hides and often disguises itself and often gets away before you even knew it was there. There are good Lululemon sales out there, and these tips will help you find and navigate the best Lululemon sales.
*The information in this article is continually updated, feel free to comment with any other updates!

1. Lululemon Facebook Groups

Lululemon Facebook Groups are great resources for scoring killer deals on new or used Lululemon. Check out my comprehensive article on the BEST Lululemon Facebook resell groups.

2. Ebay Misspelled Keyword Search

Search on Ebay for misspelled lululemon pieces. You will find some diamonds in the rough with this tactic, I promise! I’ve scored some very cheap “Lulemon” Wunder Unders this way!

For more ideas on misspelling keywords on Ebay, check out my full article HERE.

3. Lululemon Warehouse Sales

Update 7/15/15: Lululemon Warehouse Sale is happening now. Check out the details HERE.
These sales are the white unicorn of Lululemon Sales. They occur usually twice a year and the location is always different. They used to have them in the New York/New Jersey areas, but for 2014 they chose Minnesota, and then they had an end of year Lululemon online warehouse sale…so it seems they are starting to change things up.

Screen Shot 2014-07-28 at 9.03.16 AM

If you want to see an example of what to expect from the Lululemon Warehouse sale, check out’s article All The Secrets of the Lululemon Warehouse Sale, Revealed

The Lululemon Warehouse Sale 2015 will have more online sales like they did in 2014. Keep checking back for more details! I’ll report back as soon as I know something.

4. Lululemon In Store Sales

These sales are my bread and butter. If you’re lucky to live close enough to a Lululemon store (Find a store HERE), just check there as frequently as you can…go to the weekly free yoga classes and peruse the sale section after you’re blissed out. I find killer deals all the time: my 2 latest GREAT sales deals include:

Lululemon Diamond Dot/Swedish Dot Wunder Unders

Oh boy. These are my absolute most favorite wunder unders ever! I found these under a table at my store and was shocked when I saw the sale price of $69. With my 15% RND discount, I got these unicorns for $48.65 before tax!!! That’s crazy.

Screen Shot 2014-07-28 at 9.41.28 AM

Lululemon Blue and White Striped Energy Bra

I nabbed this beauty for $29 + 15% RND discount = $24.95 before tax!!
Screen Shot 2014-07-28 at 9.37.37 AM

5. Lululemon Outlets Prices Are Not So Great Anymore

The outlets have changed over the years by:
1. Not honoring the RND discount anymore.
2. The pants are priced very high. They used to be cheap, now $49 is a deal, and most pants stay in the $92 range.
3. Major sales holidays no longer have additional discounts.

The only good deals you really get at the Lululemon outlets are: tops, socks, headbands, Lululemon leg warmers, and the RARE vinyasa scarf. Lululemon pants and bras at the outlets are insanely over priced. Case in point: I bought an energy bra at the outlet for $49…and then I bought an energy bra on sale at the store for $24.95 with my Lululemon RND discount.

The Luluelmon sale outlet yoga pants price nowadays stay right in the $59-$99 range. Not. A. Deal. This might seem like a good deal to some, but I used to buy cheap Lululemon yoga pants for $9-$29 pants 4 years ago! I can get $59-$99 “deals” at the regular brick and mortar Lululemon stores.

The outlet also used to have GREAT major holiday sales and crazy cukoo deals: Black Friday, Day After Christmas Sale, Memorial Day Sale, Labor Day Sale, etc. However that ship has sailed. I woke up super early Black Friday 2013, and they did not have anything special on sale like they had in past years.  Since then, I periodically check back for their holiday sales, and they continue to be underwhelming.

Lululemon does not have an actual Lululemon outlet online store. Check out this article for Lululemon outlet locations or just scroll down.

6. Lululemon “We Made Too Much”

Lululemon online sale site is generally OK, prices are pretty good if it’s something no one is buying. Sometimes you can find some really unique pieces in the We Made Too Much section. It also gives you an idea of what MIGHT be on sale in your store depending on stock.

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