Where To Find The Unicorn Lululemon Wanderlust Collection

The yoga wear world is all abuzz with the the Lululemon Wanderlust Collection. People waited in line at long before the sun came up in Whistler and mobbed down employees for the limited edition Lululemon Wanderlust colthing. Ebay hawkers have now gone and started to mark these items up to crazy numbers: $250 for a Wanderlust sports bra and Lululemon Wanderlust Wunder Under Pants for $400!

The pattern itself is a 90s meets aztec batik meets spatter painting “tribal pattern”…try saying that 3 times fast!

Lululemon Wanderlust Wunder Unders

Lululemon Wanderlust Wunder Unders

Now you’re probably wondering where can you get these hot commodities for cheap? Read below for my tips.

1. Put Out An ISO

That’s right, there are Facebook groups that you can join (members only) and you can put out an In Search Of request on the group’s wall. The group I recommend is ISO Lululemon
Screen Shot 2014-08-04 at 7.37.44 PM

2. Join A Facebook Bidding Group

I wrote an in depth article about Facebook bidding groups HERE. Join some of these. I’ve been seeing the Wanderlust collection pop up on a few of those groups. You can also put ISOs on some of the groups…just read the group rules carefully so you don’t get kicked out – they are strict!

3. The Obvious: Ebay

Screen Shot 2014-08-04 at 8.37.24 PM
Yes it’s obvious to check here, but it’s doubtful you’ll find anything for cheap. UNLESS if you try my wrong spelling search technique…maybe try searching for “Luleelemon Wunderlust” or something…be creative! Read my Ebay Tips And Tricks article for more ideas on finding a deal on Ebay.

4. Buy From Another Designer

Lululemon is not the only yoga pants company to put out tribal inspired yoga gear. If you like the look of the Lulu lemon Wanderlust collection, then by all means check out the below designers who have been rocking the tribal look much longer than Lululemon.

Onzie Downtown Capri

These are a very similar colorway to the Lululemon Wanderlust collection and only $56 at Nordstrom!

Screen Shot 2014-08-04 at 8.16.10 PM

Teeki Yoga Pants Tarot Magik

These beauties are tribal inspired, and I love the colorway! My yoga teacher rocks these all the time. They are very flattering.
Screen Shot 2014-08-04 at 7.51.28 PM

Teeki Sacred Feather Bell Bottom

These take yoga festival tribal fashion to the next level! Not only are they sacred feathers….but they are bell bottoms! Rock on!…or maybe it’s more of a sway on…?
Screen Shot 2014-08-04 at 8.11.43 PM

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