Lululemon Warehouse Sale 2015: The End Of The Lulu Deals Era?

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The Lululemon Warehouse sale has historically been a surprise sale held on random days of the year in even more random locations. The deals were cheap. Real cheap. However, dearest cheap Lululemon shoppers, it is with great regret I declare that the Lululemon Warehouse Sale 2015 is indeed a bust and may signal the end of the crazy Lululemon Warehouse bargains. Friends, I’ve told you tales of long ago when you could score pants for $19 at these warehouse sales…I think Lululemon is telling us something. Those deals are of the past.

Screen Shot 2015-07-16 at 6.25.58 PM
If you look back at my past 2 months of Lululemon Sale articles HERE, you will see that most of the same sale items from We Made Too Much have been all lumped together into the Warehouse Sale…the prices are meh at best. Check out my examples below as well as what the cheapest item of the sale was!

Wunder Unders On Sale For $59

This is the same sale price we’ve been seeing all year online and in stores. Love the print though.
Screen Shot 2015-07-16 at 6.09.54 PM

Lululemon Rain On Jacket Still $119

This rain jacket has been on sale for eons it feels, and it’s still priced at $119. Let’s put that price down, Lululemon. Pink is a hard sale enough as it is…
Screen Shot 2015-07-16 at 6.13.35 PM

The Cheapest Item Of The Lululemon Warehouse Sale 2015…

Drum roll please…$9. Mens. Socks.