Lululemon Cheap Part 1: How To Down Dog Like a Real Cheap Fashionista

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Lululemon is the company famous for uniting fashionistas on their yoga mats, paddleboards, skiis, and well pretty much any sport these days. Their clothes are exceptionally well made and quite flattering…minus the recent negative press and stock drops due to a recall of extremely sheer fabric (customers were showing too much skin in their down dogs). Lulu has pulled these pants off the shelves, stocks have dropped a bit, but I’m still buying!

Lululemon Cheap: How To Get The Discounts!

Now, let’s get down to the cheap of this article. These pants can run you $99! How is a budget minded fashionista to afford such an excessive luxury as she deserves? Here are my tips from a tried and true Lululemon addict.

1. Try Lululemon’s We Made Too Much online sale site. It’s not huge savings, but it’s better than their regular priced items

2. This is my favorite way to shop Lululemon – on Ebay!!!! That’s right, you can pick up some killer deals on ebay. There are several sellers who specialize in Lululemon items (mostly new with tags).

3. Lululemon Facebook Groups: Here is a comprehensive list of the groups you should join to get cheap cheap Lululemon.

4. Take a vacation to one of their hard to find outlet stores! They are few and far between, but they exist and they are GREAT! Most items are last season, nothing defective or anything like that. Here’s a list of their current outlet stores:

Burlington, WA
Outlet Shoppes at Burlington

Vaughan, ON
Vaughan Mills

Albertville, MN
Albertville Premium Outlets

Orlando, FL
Orlando Premium Outlets – Vineland Ave

Central Valley, NY
Woodbury Common Premium Outlets NY

Gilroy, CA
Gilroy Premium Outlets

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