Madonna Coachella Video + Madonna GIFs!

The Madonna Coachella Video is an inspiration for women at any age proving that you don’t have to be 20 to have fun and look great. Madonna absolutely looks amazing. Therefore, today’s post is dedicated to my one true hero throughout the ages: Madonna.

Madonna Leading The Movement Against Agesim

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Madonna is leading the path to detroy Ageism (aka discrimination against someone due to their age). 56 CAN be the new 20. My mom is just about Madonna’s age and looks just as young and almost as in shape as Madonna. Plenty of women Madonna’s age look amazing. Thanks to science and advances in health, diet, fitness, beauty, etc, we can now take better care of ourselves for much longer.

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I cannot comment on Madonna’s use of plastic surgery as I do not know. I DO know she’s been a dancer her entire life and has her own dance cardio fitness brand.┬áDancing does keep your body in crazy shape; I mean look at anyone who’s been on Dancing With The Stars.

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As a female who will one day reach 56 and above (I hope), I applaud Madonna for shaking off the haters who complain she’s too old to be performing the way she does. Her performances are part of a greater movement, a feminist movement to squash ageism. And in the end, Madonna makes out with Drake at minute 3:25 (full video below).


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Madonna Coachella Video 2015

Drake and Madonna kiss at 3:25
Madonna rocks throughout.

Madonna – Human Nature Hung Up + KISSES Drake… by madonnasworldcom

Madonna is an inspiration to us all. Thank you Madge! May she inspire us all to let your body move to the music, no matter what age you are.

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More Madonna GIFs

For more Madonna GIFs, I recommend going to!

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