Bathitation Part 3: How To Make A Mud Bath Spa At Home

Once a week I give myself a mud bath spa quality full body mud treatment. I find it is most beneficial on one of my more stressed out days. It takes out the toxins and somehow takes my stress away in about 20 minutes. Woot.

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I. Prepare Your Mud

I only use the Aztec Secrets Bentonite Clay. You can get 2 pounds on Amazon for only $9.16! It will last you a long time.

Equal Parts Clay
Equal Parts Apple Cider Vinegar or Water

Mix ingredients together with a non-metal spoon in a non-metal bowl

Voila you have your mud.

II. Prepare The “Spa Table”

This is an optional step for when you have more time.
The spa table is your place to lie down and relax once the mud is applied. You will need:
2 beach towels
1 sheet
3-5 Pillows (IF you don’t want to use pillows, you can also just us a yoga mat in place of the pillows)

Once you have your equipment:

1. Lay down 1 towel


2. Place the pillows or yoga mat on top of the towel


3. Lay down the other towel on top

4. Cover with your sheet.

Voila, your spa table is ready!



If you don’t have time to make a spa table, just make an at home sauna by turning the shower to it’s hottest. Once your mud is on you can sit close to the shower comfortably.

III. Set The Mood

Light candles, play music…transform your space into a spa.

IV. Apply Mud…Everywhere!

I spent alot of time at the Dead Sea, and became pretty addicted to smearing mud all over myself. There is just something about it that connects you with earth.

It is recommended that the mud dry on your body for 20 minutes and on your face for 10-20 depending on sensitivity.


IV. Relax

Now is your time to RELAX! Lay down on your “spa table” or simply sit somewhere comfortable. Find your “bathitation.”

V. Cleanse

Wash off your mud either in a bath or a shower. If you wash it off in the bath, you will probably need to take a shower still just to really remove the toxins.

I always finish off my routine with Zents Body Oilzent

AND Kiehls Midnight Recovery Concentrate for the face
Screen Shot 2014-03-12 at 4.32.23 PM

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