Dance More: NYC Dance Events To Get Your Dance On

If you’re feeling like you need to dance more, you are probably not alone. Most Americans need to dance more. Michelle Obama has been trying to get Americans to dance all year. Dance is not necessarily a natural part of every American’s life. Unless you were enrolled in dance classes, you probably didn’t grow up dancing on a daily basis.

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Last night on my bike ride home from pilates (at New Leaf Pilates on Prospect Park), I was spontaneously transfixed into BRIC’s Celebrate Brooklyn series by the tunes of Tamikrest. Vieux Farka Toure healdined with his hypnotic Malian funk rock…a vision of Jimmy Hendrix in traditional Mali dish dash. He rocked. The crowd however was, shall I say, afraid to dance?

At one point Vieux told the audience

“All you have to do is stand up and move your hips like this”

as he demonstrated how to dance…! The audience DID stand up but maybe 1/10 of the audience was actually dancing or moving their bodies.

I, of course, was not part of that crowd. I have no shame in dancing by myself. Life is too short. Srsly. If you want to dance in NYC this summer, check out my recommendations below.

Summer NYC Dance Events To Get Your Dance On

“When you dance, you can enjoy the luxury of being you.”
-Paulo Coelho

1. Tasha Blanks The Get Down

If you want an unprentitious dance party where good people just come to dance, sweat and maybe even scream on a Thursday night from 7-10, The Get Down is for you. Plus, if you get there early, you can catch one of their usual meditation sessions. This August at Verbotem there will be a yoga session 6-7 with Elena Brower before the dance off from 7-10. Follow Tasha on Instagram below and definitely sign up for her email list to get alerts for upcoming dance parties.

2. Summer BRIC Celebrate Brooklyn Events

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From free Brooklyn Bridge dance parties to Interpol and Wilie Nelson in Prospect Park, the Summer BRIC series will cultur-ify your life with dance and music. Check out the calendar line up HERE to plan your summer of dance Brooklyn style.

Dance Body

If you want an NYC dance fitness class experience, Dance Body is the way to go. Katia Pryce developed this workout. She and many of her teachers formerly taught at Tracey Anderson. Katia is known for her fun sexy approach to dance fitness. You can catch her NYC and Hamptons classes on Classpass . She’s also on Cosmo Body if you want to try some of her Cosmo online fitness videos. You can view her full schedule HERE.

Katia Pryce of Dance Body

Katia Pryce of Dance Body



Doonya is THE spot for Bollywood dance fitness in NYC. If you’re looking to add some new moves to your dance repretoire, Doonya will not disappoint. She’s been featured on Oprah. Check out her NYC schedule HERE. Doonya is also on Classpass.