Ombre Hair Style = Budget Hair Solution

Beauty is by far an extremely important aspect of the Queen Cheap lifestyle.  My hair has always been blonde (minus those 2 times of brunette regret).  Blonde highlights are crazy expensive when spanned over a lifetime. The color alone can cost anywhere from 1200-4000/year depending on what salon you go to.  There came a time in my life where my hair was not growing because it was fried from highlights, and well, my wallet was severely suffering as well.  Enter the budget diva’s hair lifesaver: the timeless hombre.

The ombre hair style, when performed by a skilled stylist, is gorgeous, natural, and so much cheaper than highlights! My stylist is so great, that I can go up to 6 months (probably more I just haven’t tried) without getting my hair colored! I live in a sunny state, though so I do benefit from the sun’s natural highlights.

The ombre works best on longer hair with grown out bangs, however I did have the ombre a few times with bangs. My recommendation is to put a couple of highlights in the bangs to give some depth.    I’ve never seen ombre with a bob, but I think a softer ombre would certainly work.  I’ve posted photos below of some celebrity ombre inspiration.

**Make sure when you go to your salon, your colorist is trained in doing the ombre. You DO NOT want to be a color guinea pig unless they’re giving it you for free.

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