Onzie High Waist Leggings 7 Day Test Review

I recently did a 7 day test on the Onzie High Waist LeggingsOnzie has become quite famous for their beautifully designed yoga/fitness leggings. They have patterns ranging from peacocks, galaxies, aztec prints, city lights, the arctic and more. Onzie is so popular these days you can even find them at the celeb favorite fitness fashion store Bandier. It’s where yoga pants go when they’ve “made it.”

Some Looks From Onzie

I recently received quite the amazing gratis package the other day from Onzie in exchange for writing this blog post. It was a surprise package, and from what I know about the brand, I expected some outlandishly chic patterned leggings (which I would have welcomed). Instead I received some killer pieces from their new line all in shades of grey and black: very NYC street fashion friendly. My Onzie package included these beautiful items:


Here I am in my favorite Embrace The Journey top I received. I paired it with the Onzie Criss Cross black tank top *backwards* to get that Ilana from Broad City caged bra effect (which is pretty hard for larger busted women such as myself, so I was really happy with my ingenuity).

I get so many compliments on this top, and I also feel like I’m a walking positive PSA.

Onzie High Waist Leggings Review

The pieces Onzie sent me fit right into my everyday wardrobe, so the 7 day challenge was seriously a cinch…and if I’m being honest, now that the 7 day challenge is over, it has been excruciatingly hard to NOT wear these pants everyday because I love them so much. Check out below why these pants are in my opinion the only leggings you will ever want to wear…nothing so far compares to these pants.

1. They Form To YOUR Body

Photo Credit: Jenn Warren

Photo Credit: Jenn Warren

Maybe Onzie is spinning some unicorn hair thread into these pants? Somehow they really do magically fit to your body. I’m a curvy girl, so I can be skeptical of these claims. When I pulled my Onzie leggings out of the package my first thought was, “these tiny pants won’t fit!” …but their website was correct. The pants fit. They did form to my size. And they look great on too.

2. They Are Like Natural Waist Trainers

Photo Credit: Jenn Warren

Photo Credit: Jenn Warren

I’ve started to call these pants my pilates pants. NOT because I wear them to pilates (that’s true too), but because the material has an almost hugging/cinching effect that always keeps me in check to keep my “pilates belly” while sitting or walking. This is especially helpful for those of us out there who have had children, sometimes our tummy needs that extra reminder.

3. The Price

These pants are only $69! That is super cheap for such high quality pants. Most competitors pants are at least $100+. The pants are so versatile, you can wear them as leggings, tights, base layer, etc.

4. No Camel Toe

I’m happy to report Onzie high waist leggings did not give me the dreaded camel toe. Excuse the TMI, but it’s an epidemic with some fitness leggings out there. I’m not going to name any names, they know who they are.  I’m not going to go into great detail here, just trust I’m kind of an expert on this sort of thing and we’ll leave it at that. Thanks. Moving on here, no photos.

5. They STAY UP!

Have you ever bought an awesome pair of leggings only to realize they fall down ALL the time. Ya, that is so not cool. Especially when you’re trying to strut the streets like a fashionista should. You do not want to be seen hiking up your pants on every street corner. I’ve had it happen with some of the big brands, ahem. Once I really thought I was going to lose my pants on the subway. I didn’t thank goodness, but it could have happened. Well, you can count on the Onzie High Waist Leggings to stay up up up. That’s right ladies, I tested them at pilates, yoga, cycling, TRX, dance cardio, you name the Classpass class and my Onzie pants probably tried it out. They stayed up each and every time. I know it’s hard to believe; I still don’t believe it, but it’s true.

Photo Credit: Jenn Warren

Photo Credit: Jenn Warren

6. They Dry FAST

Onzie recommends when you’re finished sweating to just rinse the pants with soap and water. They dry within minutes in the sun, a little longer in my bathroom. Hello easy laundry!

7. They Feel Ah-mazing!

Photo Credit: Jenn Warren

Photo Credit: Jenn Warren

So I’m going with the unicorn thread theory here again, because these pants feel like silk. Truth is these pants are designed with Free-Flow Fabric Technology that dries super quickly and has ultimate ventilation while you work out. These are going to be the perfect leggings for hot summers to come. Thanks to the ventilation, they actually feel cool even when it’s really hot outside. I think in the winter these will make a great base layering piece…looking forward to trying that out. So, thank you Onzie for designing yoga leggings that look and feel divine. I look forward to owning many many more pairs of these pants. Embrace the journey, my friends, in these awesome pants. 

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Some More Looks From Onzie