Paddle Board Yoga: Why You HAVE To Try It!

I have seasonally taught Stand up Paddle Board Yoga (SUP Yoga), and I am quite the paddle board junkie. It’s an exhilirating experience, and I have to warn you: it is addictive. Did I also mention that Stand Up Paddleboarding is surprisingly easy? The board is extremely wide and long making it a very stable platform for standing on your feet…or maybe even your head! The first time I did paddle board yoga in the middle of the ocean, I called my friend and told her “I’ve never felt so alive in my entire life!!”

Why SUP Yoga is Something You HAVE To Try

LG Headstand Oleta State Park, Miami

“LG” Headstand Oleta State Park, Miami

1. You get to truly practice living in the moment.

This is one of the hardest things in life, but it’s something we always hear: “LIVE IN THE MOMENT!!” When you are balancing on a board in the middle of the ocean, or a lake, or any waterway in the world; you have to be in the moment. There is absolutely no getting around it. If you start thinking about your problems or your worries, you will most likely fall.

When you are on that board, you have to breathe; focus; and find that calm inner peace to get you through the paddle. When you start doing your yoga practice on the board, you are in the moment, one with the water, one with the board.

Down Dog with Surfs Sup

Down Dog

2. Falling is the best part

Falling on your yoga mat in the middle of a class can be PRETTY embarrassing. BUT, falling out in the cool blue sea is an absolutely refreshing and envigorating experience. I think it’s why I practice so many headstands on my board, I love falling (although I still think Warrior is a close 2nd for falling poses). You get back on your board cooled off from the water and ready to play some more.

Screen Shot 2014-03-11 at 4.17.15 PM

That Splash Is Me Falling From Wheel

3. You are literally immersed in nature

Secret Island SUP Adventure

Secret Island SUP Adventure

4. You never know what you’re going to find.

I have witnessed manatee mating season (but don’t get too close, my poor neighbor was knocked into the water, and she really experienced a swim with a group of manatees!). I have also paddle boarded my way to a sandbar dance party in Miami. And let’s not forget paddling along a pair of jumping dolphins. Truth is every experience is surprising, magical, and full of wonder.
Screen Shot 2014-03-11 at 4.54.33 PM

5. Water is the ultimate meditation

It’s a buddhist belief that in order to meditate all you have to do is look at water. When you are out on the board you are at total peace. Yes you have to overcome some fear, but that honestly makes you a stronger and better person.
Screen Shot 2014-03-11 at 4.50.55 PM

6. Breathing into the wind increases your oxygen intake.

You always hear your yoga teacher telling you “breathe deep, stronger ujayi breaths”…well once you do Sup Yoga facing the wind, you will be in awe of just how much your lungs fill up with air!

7. It can be a fun family experience too!

My child loves going out on paddleboard adventures with me, and he loves challenging himself by trying a one legged downward dog.

Our yoga family paddle at sunset

Our yoga family paddle at sunset

8. Because you can

Don’t be intimidated. It’s so much easier than most people think it is. The board is extremely stable. I will warn you it is addicting!

AND…if you’re looking for a good starter board, I highly recommend the boards over at SUPATX. They are solid boards and have a pretty good price point right at around 899 with paddle included. They also sell on Amazon, so you may be able to get free shipping with your Prime account.

Feel free to post any questions you have about how to do Stand Up Paddle Board Yoga in the comments below. Happy Paddling!