Fashionable Plantar Fasciitis Shoes For Women

I have been on the hunt for fashionable plantar fasciitis shoes for women this spring/summer due to my own very painful experience with Plantar Fasciitis. These shoes are actually not necessarily easy to find. While there are quite a few shoes approved by the American Pediatric Association (APA), they are almost all very unfashionable and a bit sad really. To me, shoes are our vehicles (especially in NYC), and it’s important shoes are both fashionable and comfortable. Add in plantar fasciitis, and you could end up unable to even walk down the hallway if you don’t have the right shoes. The struggle is definitely real.

Before I go into the shoes, there are a few things I recommend doing if you have plantar fasciitis or if you want to prevent it from ever happenening (trust me the pain is excruciating, so prevent it if you can!)

1. See a doctor

Get X-Rays and his professional opinion. WAIT to do injections and any other treatments until you do your own research (see #2). Don’t let the word bone spur scare you, it’s actually a positive thing which you can learn about more from #2.

2. Go to this website The Plantar Fasciitis Survival Guide

to learn about self managed soft tissue treatment (aka LOTS of foam rolling and self massage)

This very informative website that has helped me basically eradicate my Plantar Fasciitis. The blogger is young and also has these wonderful piercing blue eyes, but don’t let that fool you. He is legit. He was a gymnast who suffered intensely from PF. He is now in pre-med school. He also worked with a doctor to develop his program. Most of his stuff is free on the website. Seriously, this guy is awesome and the most informative cumulative resource for healing plantar fasciitis on your own. He also has this great book with more info:

Screen Shot 2015-05-13 at 10.13.48 AM

3. Get great shoes for both the house and outside wear.

I prefer to not wear the same shoes inside and out for both hygenic reasons and also to give my feet a break from the other ones. For some reason it seems to make a difference. and wear them in the house, on the street, etc etc.

4. Do pilates.

My doctor actually told me that pilates is so effective that it is bad for business. Pilates does not put stress on your feet while you exercise. It strengthens stabilizing muscles which eventually helps you walk correctly and use your body in an efficient manner, thus taking the stress out of your feet.

5. Learn to walk.

That’s right, most likely you are walking poorly. If you’re doing pilates you’re setting a great foundation to walk properly. This youtube video from William Prowse above is a great intro into what you should be doing while walking

6. Get a boot for night time wear.

I don’t need to wear mine all night to get results. I find even just a couple hours of wear here and there really helps give the plantar fasciitis a break and gives it time to heal.

I personally love this boot for only $15 on Amazon.
Screen Shot 2015-05-13 at 10.29.48 AM

My PF still flares up here and there, but with the free instructional videos on the website above, my awesome shoes (below), and my trusty boot; my plantar fasciitis is completely under control, manageable, and I can *almost start running again (thank goodness pilates is keeping me in shape). Now, onto those stylish plantar fasciitis shoes. *Note all shoes are approved by the APA for plantar fasciitis.

Fashionable Plantar Fasciitis Shoes For Women

1. FitFlop Shoes

Screen Shot 2015-05-13 at 10.22.14 AM

Fitflop is making my number 1 because they are absolutely the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever put on my feet, and they also make an array of fashionable shoes from boots, sandals, sneakers and work ready flats, FitFlop gives you choices to have happy stylish feet! They are APA approved.

2. Bikenstocks

Birkenstocks were fashionable spring/summer 2014 and they are thankfully still on trend this year. Honestly, these shoes have been around for so long they are in style even if NYFW does not say so. So yes, you can rock those Birkenstocks every year. Healthy feet are most important. While not necessarily cheap upfront, Birkenstocks last forever, and the company will replace the cork footbed for free once they are done. Also APA approved.

3. Clogs

Dansko Clogs are the official clogs recommended by the APA. However, I’ve had great success with other clog brands as well. They are right now the only heels I can wear, so I really cherish my clogs for when I’m looking to be a bit dressier. You can even find clogs with black heels now. Again, not cheap upfront necessarily, but they last you forever. I wrote an extensive article on CHEAP Fashionable Clogs HERE. Check out some of my top picks below.

More Plantar Fasciitis Recommendations

Do low impact exercise. Swimming and cycling are both low impact and do not put strain on the PF. I highly recommend aqua cycling if you live in NYC or California.