How To Save Money With Organic Coupons

My summer vacation has had me on a mission to save money!!! We have cut our budget all around, but food always remains a large budgetary concern for our household. I refuse to buy non-organic food, and the area we live in is much higher than the rest of the US! I watch those extreme couponing shows, and yes, I get jealous that they save so much money…BUT the food they are saving on is mostly CR**! I want savings on high quality organic foods!

This article will provide you with some cost saving tips that will surely feed your family with good pure foods AND put some extra money into your family’s wallet!

How To Save Money on Organic Groceries

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1. Produce

Sign up for a CSA or Organic produce delivery!
CSA is Community Supported Agriculture whereby you pay monthly or yearly to a local farm for produce (at a HUGE discount). Here is a great website to find your local CSA today!!

If you cannot find a CSA (like myself in a smaller beach town) there are organic produce delivery companies in almost every city. Just google “organic produce delivery” plus your city to find some great local companies.

2. Know Your Local Stores!

Become an expert on your top local stores. I currently float between 3-5 different stores in my city ranging from mom and pop health food stores and Target (who has really amped up their Organic foods lately!) Here are some ways to be a local store expert:
1. Check the store coupons on their websites. These are all printable.

2. Know each store’s coupon policy (if they take competitors coupons, double coupons, etc)

3. Notice which of your favorite brands are cheaper at which store, you can start a spreadsheet if you’re really dedicated. I have a photographic memory so I”m good with just tht.

4. Make note of when your favorite brands are on sale. I love Food For Life Ezekial bread, but it’s on sale only about every 6 months at our local store. I basically stockpile coupons until that sale hits…and then it’s Food For Live Christmas in our deep freeze!

3. Clip Your Coupons!

Here you go, tons of resources for getting those coupons (and I don’t mean go and buy the Sunday paper.) This list is a work in progress, I will keep updating as I find more deals. For now, this should keep you busy :-)

Coupon Clipper Services

  • Ebay: Ebay is a great source for coupons…until September 1, 2013. Then it will be against policy to buy them here. However, until then….scoop up some crazy deals on coupons. I just bought 20 $1 coupons for Food For Life products (ezekial bread, etc) for $1.75. And they work my friends they work! You can find some killer deals on here, just search the brands you love and something is bound to turn up!
  • List of Coupon Clippers – Here is a detailed list from Fabulessly Frugal. I am personally still navigating Coupon Clippers. Ebay has been my go to for a while. I will write more thorough reviews once I start using these services. Basically you are paying for coupons (but not much) just for the “clipping service.”

    Large Coupon Websites for Clipping

    Mambo Sprouts-You can clip coupons online here and you can request them to mail you additional coupons by signing up!
    Common Kindness – I love this website! For each coupon you clip, they give back to a nonprofit of your choice!
    Whole Foods -Great deals at an awesome grocery store!
    Health E Savers – the name says it all! – Most products are not organic, however you can usually find 2-3 on here definitely worth a look!
    Redplum – Large commercial coupons, some organics

    Organic Company Coupons NO Newsletter Sign Up

    Annies – 35 cent coupon
    Garden of Life – vitamin coupons, yeah!
    Lundberg – Rice products
    Newmans Own Organics – Organic Snacks! Popcorn, Chocolate…and more!
    Rudi’s Organic Bread

    Organic Companies With Newsletter Sign Up For Coupons

    Almond Breeze
    Stonyfield Organic Yogurt– Every week you can login to your account and print coupons that are good for 10 days.
    Organic Valley
    Smartsource – another large coupon website with only some organics
    Alexia-yummy new takes on potatoes and bread
    Brown Cow Farms – You don’t really have to join the newsletter, but they still want your email :-)
    Dreamfields: healthy low carb pasta
    Earthbound Farm – They will send you an email everyday, but they have good coupons weekly.
    Horizon Organics – Good deals on Organic Milk products
    RW Knudsen – Yummy juices often on sale already at local stores
    Laura’s Lean Beef – not organic, but very close. I find their products at Target.
    Seventh Generation – Hard to Find the sign up. Scroll all the way down and look for the little tiny form on the left.
    Udi’s Gluten Free – Bakery products (bread, pizza, muffins, and more)

    Organic Companies That Snail Mail You Coupons

    Food For Life – You can request snail mail coupons once a month! Thanks!
    Bolthouse (not organic, but still love their products)

    More Coupon Resources

    Organic Deals– Great website with lots of HTF deals in the blog section
    Healthy Life Deals – this website has a ton more organic companies to peruse for coupons

    4. Prepare, Prepare, Prepare!

    Once you’re an expert and once you’ve clipped your coupons, your are ready to prepare. Organize your coupons to fit your personal lifestyle: binder, accordian file, I personally just use those plastic sheet protectors sans binder. Each time I pick an item with a coupon, I slide the coupon into an inside pocket into my cloth shopping bag. That’s worked for me…find what works for you!

    Make a weekly plan for your shopping that includes meal planning based on your coupons, and which stores have what you need for the cheapest. Lastly, enjoy your fat wallet.

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